How to Attract the Right Followers on Instagram

Instagram, is an app used by so many people, and so many businesses, that sometimes it just feels really difficult to find the right audience for you. Influencers appeal to just about everyone, some companies have a specific target audience, and some businesses give their all to find the right buyer for their products. As it’s becoming increasingly obvious, building the right audience base for yourself is key to winning on Instagram. But how do you do it? There’s just an insane amount of people out there and obviously, not everyone is going to want what you’re giving. So what makes your audience special?

Your real Instagram followers are unique in the way that they’re there specifically for you. . For others too yes, but for you, absolutely. The truth is no one’s gonna have a fanbase that’s dedicated ONLY to them. People tend to have several interests and your job is to draw attention to the interest that you’re trying to talk about to draw them closer to you, as a person, a brand, or an influencer. So, how are you going to do it? Let’s dive into it right away.

1. Don’t Stray Away

The first and most important thing to do is to not stray away from the type of content you’re trying to put out. As mentioned earlier, people tend to have several different interests, this includes you as well. You’re allowed to have different interests but try not to have them collide on your feed. Maybe it can work if you’re an influencer, however, for professionals in specific fields or businesses, it is ill-advised. Stick to your niche and try not to stray away in any capacity. Mostly because this may make your audience feel alienated and you may lose followers based on the misdirection.

2. Try To Reach Out

Whether it’s by engaging in comment sections or sending follow requests to people who have similar interests, reaching out on Instagram can really affect your reach. Especially reaching out to people in a way that feels personal. Everyone is always looking for that human touch even on social media, this is why brands who approach marketing with humor get really good reviews and engagement because humor can feel very humane. Similarly, engaging with people in comments and responding to their queries or questions can totally be a game changer for finding the right audience.

3. Target Specific Audience

While promoting any post on Instagram, do not forget to target your specific audience while adjusting the settings. If you’re making videos about health advice, target people who have these interests. Target other professionals from the same field as yours, people who may need what you’re putting out, etc. Reaching the right accounts is all about reaching those who may relate to or need your content. There is a place for every sort of content out there and all you have to do is target people who enjoy your category of content and send it away.

4. Don’t Hit The DMS

One of the biggest mistakes people make is constantly sliding into the DMs of people who may or may not have liked their posts. If they’re not even closely related to your account you stand a chance of being reported. Moreover, even if they’re constantly liking your posts, sending them posts in DMs every time can ruin your rapport with the follower and you can lose them quickly. A good way to approach this problem is to ask your followers to turn on post notifications instead of running into their DMs headfirst. Moreover, you can always add your posts to your story which can appear on screens as people randomly pass through hundreds of stories on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Trying to remain relevant is completely reasonable but it should not come at the cost of your follower’s mental order.

5. Organic Growth

Have you heard of Organic Growth? It is a term used for genuine growth that comes out of continued effort and consistency. Basically, uploading nearly every day, keeping up the quality of your content, uploading a bunch of reels, and using the right hashtags. These are just some of the things that can boost your reach on Instagram. The next thing is how you interact with people who react to your content. Respond to comments, reply to as many people as possible if they respond to your stories, and share filters and sounds through reels. Organic growth really helps out when you’re trying to reach the correct audience for yourself.


So these were some tips that can help you gain the right amount of followers you deserve on Instagram. It may take a while but it won’t take forever. Instagram is a dense web of ever-changing algorithms so things get turned up and down more often than you may realize. Regardless, building your own fandom and audience can really drive your reach through the roof because there will always be people looking forward to your posts. Good luck out there! We hope you make the best out of these tips.