Attracting Donors: How To Get More People To Support Your Cause

Many charitable organizations have only a handful of people sponsoring them, but unless they attract more people to their cause, they can’t do much good. If you’re the fundraising director for your organization, you face quite an uphill battle – how are you going to increase your donations? And even if donors come in small numbers now, what will happen when you get more people involved? Here are some ways to attract more donors.Donate for a cause

Show Potential Donors How You’ll Use Their Money!

A single donation of $1,000 seems like a lot, but that one person donating the money isn’t doing much good for your organization. If they can’t afford to give that much all at once, then talk to them about sponsoring the cause! A donation is just as good when it’s small if you have lots of sponsors backing you up. They’re still making a difference by supporting your efforts. If you’re unfamiliar with how you can attract donors, the experts at can help you decide on the best options for your cause. Once you’ve decided on the methods for reaching out to potential donors, what is left is to encourage them to donate.

If you want potential donors in the future to be willing to donate even more than before, show them what you’ve done so far with their donations. For example, say an individual donates $100 to your lunch drives, and you’re able to buy 500 lunches with that money. You can say “You’ve bought 500 lunches for the kids at our local shelter!” It shows potential donors up front how much they’ve done so far for their cause.

People love to see the fruits of their labor, so this sets a good precedent for future donations. They’ll know that giving money will get them closer and closer to achieving that goal until it’s finished! So even if you only have one sponsor now, telling others about what they’ve done is a great way to attract more people in the future.

Let People See What Their Money Does To Help Others!

Letting people see not only how much they’ve done so far, but also what their money does is another great way to attract more people. If someone sees the real-world effects of their donation instead of just reading about it or hearing about your mission statement, then they’ll be much more likely to support you again in the future.

Don’t forget that this works best if you’ve already given donors something they can see! A single donation of $100 or less might not mean much in terms of making a difference, but let them know how many children are being fed with their donation so they feel accomplished every time someone opens up a meal they donated towards.

Let People Choose How They Want To Help You Out

Some people prefer donating money over volunteering time – others would rather do neither, but they’re still interested in helping your cause. If you have options for how people want to help out, then you’ll be more successful at attracting donors.

If someone prefers donating money over time or vice versa, but they want their donations to go towards a good cause, then encourage them to donate through you! This will attract more people than if you were just taking all types of donations/donors and distributing them properly yourself.

The same goes for volunteers – let potential donors choose how they want to help out your organization first on their own terms, before suggesting something else entirely. Sure, some might say “I’d love to volunteer someday” but unless they’re highly motivated by personal interests (e.g. if someone loved working with children, they might want to read about volunteering opportunities with kids), then you won’t be able to attract more people by suggesting volunteer work first.

Make Donors Feel Good About What They’ve Done

One of the best ways to get more people to donate their resources/time/money is by making them feel good about what they’re doing! People are inherently selfish creatures – there’s no way around it. So if potential donors can see that they’ll feel good after donating, then they’ll be more likely to do so after seeing the positive effects it has on other people and themselves.Donate for a cause

There are many ways to attract more people to donate their time and resources to your cause. Some of the best ways include: letting people see how much they’ve done and what it’s done (e.g. let them see pictures of food being distributed, or children receiving school lunches), asking how they want to help beforehand. Make sure to keep up with these so you can attract and retain more donors who support your cause!