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How to add email to iphone 11?

Emails can be checked, answered from Iphone, Ipod, Ipad also. Generally, there are two ways of doing this. The User can set their email account in these by wither automatic method or manually.

Steps to set an Email Account Automatically:

Steps to set an Email Account Automatically on IPAD:

Steps to set an email on your IPhone manually:

Remember if the above details are not correct then you will be prompted to edit these settings as they are incorrect. The details would look something like in the below image.

Complete Process of how to add an email to your IPhone

These are steps how to add an email to your iphone. You can use these methods to add email to your ipod, ipad. Remember to follow all the instructions carefully inorder to successfully add an email to your iphone. If the user faces any issue while adding their email account or doesn’t know the details they can contact the email service provider for customer support in their official website and.

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