How technology changed the way businesses grow

Currently, technology has become essential for business growth, not only from the point of view of modernizing equipment and machinery, but it has also served to streamline even the most daily or tedious processes, such as procedures to obtain small business financing. Automating processes and modernizing them is something that will drive the growth of a business.

This is how technology influences companies

There are many areas in which the influence and positive impact of technology in business are reflected. By implementing these technological advances such as social networks, clouds for uploading files, or smartphones, companies have turned their processes into much more effective and reliable systems.

Perhaps even in some cases, they have managed to reduce expenses. Here are some of the areas where the influence of technology has been most notable.

Small business financing

Years ago, in order to obtain a loan or financing, it was necessary to go through tedious procedures full of bureaucracy and papers to fill out. However, today things have changed thanks to the many small business financing options available online. These options will save you all the time you would spend going to a banking institution and allow you to apply from the comfort of your home using a computer.


This aspect has improved a lot in companies because thanks to the implementation of technology, many companies and workers, in general, have managed to better manage their time and tasks.

An example is clouds, where files can be stored and uploaded. Without this tool, a user who wanted to search for a document would have to spend hours going through a filing cabinet or library, not to mention that all the space that this furniture would occupy. On the other hand, they probably wouldn’t be able to access the files they need from anywhere and anytime.

Cloud storage solves all of the problems mentioned above and may even be cheaper and safer than buying a filing cabinet and storing documents there. Thanks to technology, this is an aspect that has improved employee performance and productivity.

For cloud-based systems to work seamlessly, high-performance computers are essential. They can be pretty expensive, but refurbished work computers and IT tools can work just as efficiently as brand-new ones. Companies can save a lot of money by buying refurbished computers.

Expansion and internationalization

Technology can also allow your company to connect with other small businesses. Thanks to the internet, the search for suppliers, partners, or communities related to your business is much easier to find. With the internet, borders are reduced, and contact and communication with countries and markets that until now were unaffordable, especially for small or medium companies, is a lot easier.

In fact, it may even be possible to get small business financing from banking institutions or organizations that are not located in your country. This would help you not only to expand the market but to share knowledge or find possible partners in any corner of the world that allow the business internationalization of your business.

Social Media

Social networks have been one of the greatest revolutions regarding how business works. Nowadays, if your business is not on social networks, it is as if it does not exist. It does not necessarily have to be present in networks to sell but to make itself known and generate credibility and trust.

But beyond that, social networks also serve for a company to connect with its public, with potential buyers and partners.

Use all the tools you can

Technology has provided key advances to support business growth, such as progress in the way information is stored, employee proactivity, social media, and even how to obtain financing for a business without having to go physically to a bank.

If you are interested in obtaining financing for your business, you can use an online option that is within your reach. Using these tools will surely benefit your business a lot.