How does Shopify work?

With Shopify, you can create an active webshop in just a few steps. For this purpose, Shopify will take you by the hand with the help of an interactive step-by-step guide and your webshop can be optimally set up.

Before you can start creating your webshop, Shopify needs some information. With your company details, the online shop is already adapted and individualized to your initial requirements. You can start with a trial version of 14 days. So you can first get to know Shopify and check whether the provider is suitable for you. The trial version requires your e-mail, business name and a secure password. The deposit of your payment data is not yet necessary.

Shopify offers a wide range of offers for the design of your webshop. In addition to numerous free themes, you will find other paid designs in the theme store. You can choose a theme that best suits your expectations and suits your webshop. You will then have the opportunity to further edit the appearance by moving elements and equipping them with your personal logo.

With Shopify, you can also set your domain. For this, you can buy a domain directly from Shopify without having to resort to another domain registration page. If you already own a domain, you can transfer it and continue to use it.

In order for your customers to process and pay for their online orders, you must first configure your payment settings. Here you can find out which payment systems there are and how to find the right payment systems for your webshop.

While you are building your webshop with Shopify (follow if you need help), you have the option to preview your online shop at any time. This always shows whether your website is understandable and structured according to your ideas. However, if you want to publish the website and review it live, you must subscribe. The trial version is not sufficient for this.

What are the advantages of Shopify?

Shopify has already been able to support countless customers in setting up and operating an online store. The e-commerce platform offers many advantages, which is why more and more companies are choosing a Shopify online shop. We have summarized the most important advantages for you:

Suitable for every company

It doesn’t matter how big your company is. Anyone can use the platform and design a professional website. Shopify is suitable for small businesses with little sales as well as for large corporations with particularly large orders. By the way, if you already operate a stationary trade, you can simply link it to your webshop and thus have a perfect overview of all your sales data. 

No precise previous knowledge required

With the help of Shopify, you can create a webshop and do not need any knowledge of programming or coding. The online shop is created according to an easy-to-understand modular principle. This allows you to save both costs and time and create a visually appealing website with just a few clicks. Nevertheless, it is possible to edit the code so that you can make individual adjustments. For this, however, you must have the necessary know-how.

No previous knowledge is required for the design of your webshop either. You can choose from numerous free and paid themes and thus create an attractive and professional webshop. In general, you can focus on your business, promote and sell the products. Shopify is responsible for all IT-based topics.


Shopify works cloud-based. This means that you can edit and view your shop anywhere. Thus, you are not tied to any device or place. Thanks to the Shopify Android or iOS app, you can also access your webshop on your smartphone or tablet.

Always up to date

The e-commerce platform wants to support its customers in the best possible way in building a professional and powerful online shop. Shopify always provides new functions and tools for this. New elements are regularly installed.

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Automatic updates

If new elements or functions are installed in web shops, lengthy updates are often required. This is not the case with Shopify, because automatic updates take place regularly. You do not have to take action yourself, as they are carried out independently in the background. With the automatic updates, you are always up to date, don’t forget anything and don’t have to sacrifice your precious time.

Free trial version

If you are interested in Shopify but are not sure whether the platform is right for you, you can use the trial version and thus check Shopify and all functions at your leisure. The trial version is valid for 14 days and does not require the deposit of payment data.

The trial version of Shopify is definitely recommended. You can decide in practice and without any financial risk whether you want to work with Shopify in the future or whether you want to run your webshop with another provider. In our blog post you can read how to create a successful online shop.

Linking other channels

Almost every company today is present on the various marketplaces and social media channels. So that you can keep track and retrieve all data clearly, you have the possibility to connect channels and marketplaces such as Instagram, Amazon, Facebook to your Shopify online shop. Thanks to the link, all orders and sales of each channel are clearly displayed. You can then easily and quickly organize them in your Shopify dashboard.