How Does Custom Packaging Improve the Customer Experience for Online Shoppers?

The number of people shopping online rather than in stores has proliferated in recent years. More and more people would rather stay indoors and shop on their smartphones than go to brick-and-mortar stores. However, it can be incredibly challenging for businesses to stand out in the e-commerce space due to the increasing competition.

To remedy this situation, businesses are now employing custom packaging with high-quality designs – of at least 300 DPI – to create unique packaging that stands out from the competition. If you are a business owner, we recommend you read this article about the advantages of 300 DPI printing to learn how to employ it to create custom packaging that provides a memorable experience to customers.

Online shopping is very different from shopping in a physical store. This is primarily because online shoppers cannot see or touch products before purchasing a product. Also, there is no physical interaction between the business and the shopper. The packaging is the first and only thing a customer sees when your product arrives. So you want to be sure that the packaging efficiently says the right things about your brand and delivers a memorable shopping experience for your customers.

Your custom packaging can influence the likelihood of a customer making a repeat purchase. Here are some examples of how custom packaging improves the online shopping experience.

Brand Recognition

The US Department of Commerce reports that the total eCommerce sales amounted to about $1.034 trillion in 2022. The number of online orders is expected to grow in 2023, making branded packaging an effective way to differentiate your product. Your packaging can help your customers to identify your brand when they are shopping over the internet. 

The more recognizable your product is, the more likely your one-time buyers will remember you and return to buy your product again. Your packaging will also present an opportunity to attract new buyers if they recognize and like the way you packaged your brand. Custom packaging gives your products a cohesive look across all touchpoints, such as the product itself, social media, and the brand’s website. This will help customers to identify your business much more quickly.

Unboxing Experience

The most exciting part of online shopping is receiving your package from the delivery man. Imagine how much more exciting it will be if the box comes in custom packaging that personalizes the experience and makes you feel special alongside a thank you note. Enjoyable right? 

Custom packaging can help you to create a unique and memorable unboxing experience that makes your customers feel like they are opening a gift instead of a product. This will connect them with your brand on an emotional level and convert them to repeat business. Customers can also share the unboxing videos on social media, leading to free publicity and exposure for you.

Protection and Safety

Protection and safety are important aspects of eCommerce Solutions.When products are not delivered in perfect condition, customers become dissatisfied and lose trust in the brand. Damaged products lead to a bad customer experience and negative reviews. Custom packaging can help guarantee that your products remain safe while in transit to the customers. You can design it to include padding, cushioning, and reinforced corners to protect your product from impact damage or rough handling. This ensures your customers get your product remains in perfect condition, leading to a good experience with your product.

Adding protective features to your packaging also improves customers’ perception of your brand. It will inform them that your brand is a business that shows attention to detail and care for your product.


Customers are becoming more aware of the impacts of business activities on the environment. A study by McKinsey and NielsenIQ revealed that customers are beginning to demand sustainable products and are ready to pay more to get products that have minimal adverse environmental effects. Using sustainable products can improve the customer experience for eco-conscious customers. It will demonstrate your commitment to safeguarding the environment.

The Bottomline

Custom packaging can be valuable to significantly improve the customer experience for online customers. Even when you cannot physically market your brand to customers, your packaging does the job for you. It communicates your brand values and identity and helps you to convert one-time customers into loyal customers.