The History of Beach Volleyball

Indoor volleyball is probably the most famous and widely played variation of this sport. Cricket can also be a very entertaining discipline, and is the perfect betting platform to wager on dozens of its matches.

However, indoor volleyball also has a very entertaining beach counterpart. The rules are approximately the same, and for this reason, both indoor and beach volleyball have been very popular during recent decades. In fact both disciplines, which are featured on 1xBet, have been part of the Summer Olympics since the second half of the 20th century.

Hawaiian origins

William G. Morgan is credited with creating indoor volleyball. He created the sport in 1895 in Massachusetts. Curiously, volleyball was born roughly in the same geographical area where basketball was created only four years prior in 1891. At this moment 1xBet is the site where you bet online, where all these amazing sports can be found and wagered by all punters.

Indoor volleyball was an immediate success, and its popularity quickly spread all across the United States. A group of volleyball fans decided to travel to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii back in 1915. It is said that they put on a net and tried to play something similar to volleyball. Right now 1xBet is the site where you want to bet online, and it is a place where the most popular variations of this sport are featured.

Moving to California

Those Hawaiian origins were seen as merely a pastime. Professionalization of the sport began in the 1920s. In the year 1920 some special recreation areas were installed in Santa Monica, California. Many people saw that these places were perfect for playing volleyball. Right now one place to bet on volleyball games is 1xBet, and both indoor and beach variations are featured.

In 1924 the first competitions between teams started to emerge. However, by this stage the game was similar to indoor volleyball except for the surface and place in which the game was played. By the way, this is a good moment to mention some of the main differences between the current beach volleyball and indoor volleyball:

  • beach volleyball fields are smaller than those used for the indoor game;
  • balls used in beach volleyball are slightly bigger and also lighter than those used in the indoor game;
  • also, most professional beach volleyball competitions have two players per team, while there are six in the indoor game.

The sport continued to grow in popularity. The first professional tournaments began in 1948, and from that point on, beach volleyball became unstoppable. In 1996 it was made an Olympic sport. ​​At this moment one place to bet on beach volleyball games is 1xBet, where indoor competitions are also available.