His and Her Bars: From Shark Tank Season 12


Welcome to the unique journey of His and Her Bars, a one-of-a-kind snack that made its debut on Shark Tank Season 12. Created by Jennifer and Michael Gallagher, this snack wasn’t just any treat; it was designed to be an aphrodisiac superfood, aimed at fostering intimate connections. Let’s dive into the story of His and Her Bars, from its creation to its appearance on national TV, and the lessons learned along the way.

The Birth of His and Her Bars

The story behind His and Her Bars is as unique as the product itself. Founders Jennifer and Michael Gallagher were driven by personal experiences and a desire to create something meaningful. Here’s how His and Her Bars came to life:

  • Inspiration: The idea was born out of Jennifer and Michael’s personal journey and their quest for a deeper connection in their relationship.
  • Development: They chose ingredients known for their natural aphrodisiac properties, like Maca, nuts, and vanilla, to craft a snack that was not only healthy but also enhanced intimacy.
  • Launch: In 2019, His and Her Bars went from concept to reality, with the couple putting their heart and soul into this innovative product.

Their snack was more than just food; it was a message about love, connection, and the importance of nurturing relationships.

Shark Tank Spotlight

When Jennifer and Michael Gallagher stepped onto the Shark Tank stage in Season 12, Episode 9, they brought with them more than just a snack bar. They brought a vision. Here’s what unfolded during their pitch:

  • The Ask: The Gallaghers sought $50,000 for a 10% stake in their company, valuing their passion project at half a million dollars.
  • The Pitch: They highlighted the unique selling points of His and Her Bars, emphasizing the natural aphrodisiac ingredients like Maca, cashews, and vanilla.
  • The Sharks’ Reaction: While intrigued, the Sharks expressed concerns about the niche market and the product’s scalability. Despite the skepticism, the pitch was met with support from the Sharks’ online community, who appreciated the couple’s dedication.

This Shark Tank appearance was a crucial moment for His and Her Bars, showcasing the Gallaghers’ commitment to their product and their mission to enhance connections through natural, healthy snacks.

Challenges and Triumphs

Despite the initial excitement from their Shark Tank appearance, Jennifer and Michael Gallagher faced an uphill battle with His and Her Bars. Here’s a closer look at the hurdles they encountered and the victories they celebrated:


  • Market Skepticism: The concept of an aphrodisiac superfood bar was new and met with some skepticism, making widespread market acceptance challenging.
  • Sales Hurdles: While there was an initial boost in sales post-Shark Tank, sustaining long-term growth proved difficult without significant marketing efforts.


  • Community Support: The Gallaghers received an outpouring of support from the Shark Tank community and on social media, highlighting the potential impact of their product.
  • Mentorship Value: They emphasized the importance of mentorship and strategic partnerships, valuing these over mere financial investment, showcasing their understanding of what it takes to grow a business.

Through these challenges and triumphs, Jennifer and Michael demonstrated resilience and a commitment to their vision, reflecting the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Post-Shark Tank Journey

The road after Shark Tank was both exciting and challenging for His and Her Bars. Here’s a snapshot of their journey following the show:

  • Initial Sales Surge: The exposure from Shark Tank led to a significant increase in sales, showcasing the immediate impact of national television exposure.
  • Decision to Pivot: Despite the boost, sustaining the business proved challenging. In February 2022, Jennifer and Michael announced on Instagram their decision to explore new directions, marking the end of His and Her Bars.
  • Closure: The website and product sales were discontinued, closing a chapter on this innovative venture.

This post-Shark Tank phase highlights the realities many entrepreneurs face after the initial buzz fades, underscoring the need for strategic planning and adaptation.

Lessons Learned and Legacy

The journey of His and Her Bars offers a wealth of insights for entrepreneurs and innovators alike. Here are some of the key lessons and the legacy left behind by this unique venture:

Lessons Learned:

  • Innovation and Niche Markets: Venturing into uncharted territory with an aphrodisiac superfood snack highlighted the potential rewards and risks of targeting niche markets.
  • The Importance of Mentorship: Jennifer and Michael Gallagher’s emphasis on seeking mentorship and strategic partnerships over mere financial backing underscores the value of experience and guidance in entrepreneurship.
  • Adaptability: Their decision to pivot and explore new directions in the face of challenges demonstrates the critical importance of adaptability in business.


  • Opening Conversations: His and Her Bars opened up conversations about intimacy and health in a unique way, blending nutrition with the pursuit of deeper human connections.
  • Community Engagement: The support from the Shark Tank community and beyond showcased the impact of a passionate vision, even in the face of business closure.

Jennifer and Michael’s journey with His and Her Bars, though it ended, provides valuable lessons in the power of innovation, the importance of strategic support, and the courage to pivot when needed.