How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on iPhone?

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As a concerned parent, no one would blame you for searching “how to see my child’s text messages on iPhone” on the internet. But it’s pretty confusing, right?

On one hand, you are concerned about their social being, and on the other hand, the issues of their privacy. So, before telling you how to monitor your child’s text messages, let’s talk a little about the why.

What Are the Popular Reasons to Spy?

The internet has many sources on how to choose an app to see kids texts remotely.However, only a few of them will care about the precautions. So, is it ok to monitor what your teenage daughter or son is doing online?

The reasons to justify such drastic measures include the following:

  • They are spending much more time on their phone. It becomes a concern for every parent when their child spends too much time online, affecting other activities in their lives.
  • You see a shift in their mood. They have always been jovial; suddenly, you notice stress, depression, and mood swings. That should be a concern.
  • They spend little time with their friends. They are locking themselves more in their rooms to avoid their friends.
  • You have received a tip from their friends. A concerned friend might have told you about a dangerous internet game.

All these reasons and many others are valid. However, you need a way that does not infringe on their privacy so much.

Is There Software for It?

Yes, technology has an answer for everything today. For example, eyeZy is one of the best text message-monitoring iPhoneappsIt helps parents track whatever children do on their phones.

Here are some of the features this tool offers:

Social media monitoring

Check what your son or daughter is doing on social media. eyeZy is compatible with Snapchat, Instagram, LINE, Facebook, and any other social site among kids. You can check who they chat with or any cyberbullying threats.

Text messages

This tool enables you to monitor child’s texts on iPhoneIt’s a simple way to get all the texts they receive and check for red flags.

GPS location tracking

This feature enables parents to ensure they safely get to school, don’t skip classes, or visit suspicious places after them. You are always aware of your child’s location if you feel they are in trouble.

Browsing history

There are so many bad sites that could corrupt your child. Use this tool to check whether they visit porn sites or download gambling/dating applications.

Getting keyword alerts

Using specific keywords, you can easily see child’s text messages iPhoneand threatening content. This allows them to ensure they don’t look for banned substances.


The tool eyeZy works perfectly on any iPhone model. You can still use it on an Android device too. No need to buy a new device aside from the one you have.

When Not To Spy?

The iPhone parental monitoring text messagesoffer the most efficient solution to keep track of your child’s well-being. However, there are other or better solutions. Understand that your child needs personal space and needs to know what personal boundaries are.

For this reason, you need to be careful with it; otherwise, this may negatively affect your relationship and their mental health.

If you have a teenager you know is responsible and has never lied to you about their whereabouts, you don’t need to spy on them. If they trust you, reciprocate mutually and stay out of their space. You can even let them know that you won’t be interfering with their privacy and reward them for their honesty.

We encourage parents to raise responsible adults who can make decisions without outside influence. Teenagers love to individuate, having private space. So, if you think spying on them will affect their confidence and character development, don’t do it.


You can easily monitor your kid’s iPhoneremotely. But understand that this action may come at a price if your child finds out and turns the argument around. This is how relationships have been broken.

What should you do then? Be extremely careful about it and know your boundaries. It can even help more if you let your child know you are spying on them. Try out eyeZy today, and you will never regret it.