Here Is How Gen Z Is Shaping Content Creation

Gen Z makes up 30% of the US population. According to reports, they have a buying power of $44 billion. It is imperative to understand how the gen Z mind works, as their consumer behavior and preferences dictate the future of marketing and spending.

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According to a survey, 97% of businesses claimed that content creation is integral to a marketing strategy. With an evolving audience, the approach to content creation has also progressed. What influence has the digital native had on content creation and marketing?

Here is everything you need to know about how Gen Z is shaping digital content. 

The Authenticity of Content

The digital natives know when you are faking it. This generation grew up with social media. They are vocal about their moral and ethical standing. Gen Z understands the difference between an authentic connection with a creator/company and a business transaction. Gen Z does not trust advertising that is done through traditional methods.

Brands need to reach out to creators and influencers that have the audience’s trust. If the audience believes that a creator has their best interest in mind, they will engage with the content they produce and the products they endorse. However, Gen Z can easily spot transparent attempts of selling them invaluable products or services.

Support That Is Deeply Anchored in Ethics

Gen Z takes the phrase put your money where your mouth is very seriously. According to a survey, 75% of the Gen Z population revealed that engaging in political and social issues that are important to them is a part of their identity. This population is more politically and socially aware than the previous generations.

From gender identity and minority rights to climate change, Gen Z is vocal about the issues that matter. Furthermore, it supports content that resonates with their values. Previously, we saw many TV shows and movies making misogynistic jokes and reinforcing problematic stereotypes that negatively affected people of different races, colors, and gender. However, you can no longer be tone-deaf about social issues and get away with them.

Comfort and Personalization

One of the key aspects of content marketing is tailoring the content to the audience. It is crucial to understand their interests and dislikes and create content that is personalized and relevant for them. Otherwise, they will not engage with it.

Gen Z will become the advocates for your brand in the future, which is why you need to stay up to date with what is relevant to them. Use the social media platforms they use, and the kind of content that they engage with, and address the problems they face to ensure your brand/company gains their trust.

Representation of Diversity

According to statistics, Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse generation in the US. The content created on mainstream media and digital media has started considering this factor. To attract a diverse audience, content created on mainstream media and digital media now has more ethnically and culturally diverse characters.

Quick and Engaging

Gen Z has a short concentration span. They consume content that is engaging but short. Social media platforms are now encouraging creators to make reels and short videos, which seem to get the most engagement from the younger generation. Mainstream media and digital media now create content that the average viewer can keep up with. Previously, we used series used to span over several years and seasons. Now, the content is brief but engaging.

Create Value Instead of Advertising Them

There used to be a time when salespeople would come to your house and try to sell you a product. This will not work with gen Z. the key to getting the digital generation is creating valuable content. It should offer expertise or provide entertainment. Instead of trying to shove a product down their throats, tell them how it will benefit them. Create content that engages an audience and reflects your brand voice and values.

In Summary

The digital generation is socially aware, ethnically diverse, and more vocal about their political and ethical standing. The content they consume and the brands they support reflect their values. We hope this post has provided you with a sound understanding of how content marketing has changed to keep up with the times.