Hashpower converter calculator -All about it!


Hashpower is that power of your system which is used when your computer or PC needs to solve or run all those hashing problems related algorithms. Basically, these are used in a process called mining for new transactions.

Hashpower calculator is used as a tool to measure or check in how much time the output of has function has been calculated. This even tells the speed of your processor in an indirect way.

Hashpower convertor calculator is required in present times to understand the exact rate of hash power of your computer or PC to use your new ASIC miner or new GPU mining rig. This conversion makes your PC work more efficiently.

You can convert the hash power from one unit into another by using this hash power converter calculator. For example you can convert the hash into a kiloHash or into megaHash or into Giga or tera units. The best thing is you can convert the hash into Peta, Exa and zetta units also and reverse from bigger units into smaller units too.

But how to use this wonderful calculator, here are the steps to use this HashPower converter calculator.

Steps to use the Hash Power Calculator

Basically, the way to use this hash power calculator is to just input your mining hardware hashing power and then select the unit you want it to convert it.

Lastly, wait for it to convert the input of yours into the required unit and give you the correct output. Let’s understand this with the help of an example:

  • Suppose your present network hashrate of Bitcoin is 140 EH/s which means it is Exa Hashes unit.
  • Now, you want to convert this into teraHash or PetaHash you will have to use this calculator. By entering the value chose the conversion.
  • Now, after conversion you will get the output.

Benefits of using the HashPower Calculator:

  • While using this you could use the fact that the higher the hashrate, the faster will be your computer or PC to solve the block. For this to prove you can compare it by converting hashrate of the mining pool and checking the results with the block explorer.
  • You can also use your this hashPower converter calculator for the conversion and verifying it with the hashrate of the total network hashrate. This is very useful as every hash algorithm uses a different coin.

Conversion of Hashrates units:

We know that 1kiloHash per second is one thousand hashes per second this is the first bigger unit and the highest bigger unit is ZetaHash per second which one ZH/s is equal to one Sextillion hashes per second. Here is the table with all the hash rate units and their converted values in hashes per second.

Hash RateHashes per second
1kH/s (Kilo hash per second)1000 (one Thousand)
1MH/s (Mega hash per second)1000000 (one Million)
1GH/s (Giga hash per second)1000000000 (one Billion)
1TH/s (Tera hash per second)1000000000000 (one Trillion)
1PH/s (Peta hash per second)1000000000000000 (one Quadrillion)
1EH/s (Exa hash per second)1000000000000000000 (one Quintillion)
1ZH/s (Zeta hash per second)1000000000000000000000 (one Sexitillion)

Fun facts about Hash Power converter calculator:

These units: kilo hash per second i.e. kH/s; Mega hash per second i.e. MH/s; and Giga hash per second i.e. GH/s are those terms which are more frequently used in the crypto mining operations. This is the regular speed of the computer or PC used for mining hardware resolves or runs the problems.

Hash rate denominations are calculated and measured in the standard metric prefixes.

The symbol of kilo hashes per second is kH/s instead of KH/s because ‘K’ is denoted already for the temperature K. So, in the hash power calculations we use the ‘k’ for representing the kilo hash per second while the rest of the other units are represented with the capitals.

Every hash rate is very important as if there is a drop in the hash rate which implies that their will be a decrease in getting the bitcoin reward. This is the information of hash power, hash rate, how to use the hash power converter calculator.