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Ways to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Problem

In this article, you will get the complete solution if you are facing the problem of Gmail not receiving emails or unable to send email from Gmail. Gmail is the most popular mailing system and used by a number of people worldwide. It’s a Google email service which is provided freely to all the people. It also allowed users to send and receive an attachment with the emails.

So, It is most popularly used for sending or receiving email files, message, song, and Documents. There millions of people who signup daily on Gmail from worldwide, but sometimes Gmail user face problem while sending or receiving email on Gmail. If you are also encountering the same problem then you can read the blog. Here you will get all the possible solutions.

Solution: Gmail Not Working:

Many Gmail users are complaining that they are unable to send email from Gmail or not receiving an email in Gmail account. They ask us about the reason behind Gmail not working or receiving emails. There are a number of reasons like space is full or Gmail SMTP issue, etc. Read the blog and you will find the ways to fix Gmail not receiving emails.

Follow the Steps given below to fix Gmail not working or Gmail not sending emails.

  1. Can send but not able to receive email
  2. Gmail Not receiving emails
  3. Gmail account not working

Fix Gmail Not Receiving Email on iPhone:

If you are able to get email on the computer and not able to receive email on iPhone then there is an issue with your email configuration. So you to Check or update the Incoming and outgoing Gmail server settings. Double check the Server settings to make sure that it filled correctly.

Make sure your iPhone has a good internet connection if it’s connected with wifi. Check you are receiving emails on Gmail or not. Still, Gmail not receiving emails So you first remove Gmail account from Apple iPhone then re-add Gmail account. This can fix Gmail problems.

If you are still facing a problem, then check do you have updated version of the application. Because Outdates version can make a problem. So, you need to update the email application on Apple iPhone. That will fix unable not receiving emails on iPhone. If you will fix the problem you can call on Gmail support number. The trained and expert technician will help you to fix Gmail not working or not receiving emails.

Unable To Receive Email on Gmail using Web Browser:

When you login gmail account in the web browser and still not receiving emails then you need to check for the following settings. Follow the Points you need to check to fix not receiving emails

  1. If you are able to send emails and not receiving email on Gmail then I suggest you check for the following points.
  2. Check for the filter, if you have applied or set any filter in your Gmail account. Then you need to close that that filter, so Gmail start receiving emails again.
  3. If you are not getting emails from a selected email address, they might be you have blocked them. Unblock the email address to start receiving emails again.
  4. Check Forwarding settings. You have applied to forward on your Gmail account. If you applied to forward on any email address then you will not receive any email in your Gmail account. So, you need to cancel forwarding to get Gmail start receiving emails.

In most cases, the filter is the main reason for Gmail problems. Because people create a filter by mistake and start facing Gmail not receiving email issue.

Get Expert help to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails

If you are still unable to fix the problem. Then you need to check and ask for the technician to fix Gmail not working or Gmail not receiving issue. Call on Gmail Support number to get help from the Gmail expert. Because you need to make changes in outlook or other third party sites, so you start receiving emails on your iPhone or Desktop. Just call on 1-888-272-9xxx expert will help you 24/7.

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