Top 10 best luxury glamping tent destinations for couples in the United States?

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Luxury glamping is a vacation trend that is becoming more popular in the United States every year. Many couples want to experience the beauty and thrill of camping, but would rather stay in luxury. Camping in a regular tent is not for everybody. It can be a lot of effort to set up and take down a regular tent. That is why many couples are choosing to spend their vacation in luxury glamping tents.

This blog is an introduction and guide to the best luxury glamping tent destinations for couples in the United States. If you are searching for a romantic getaway and want to try something a bit different then luxury glamping tents are the perfect option.

1- Firelight Glamping Camps | Ithaca, NY

Firelight Glamping Camps offers a Firelight for all seasons, with a variety of intimate tents for two or four people to enjoy the best glamping experience available in Ithaca, New York. All of our tents are equipped with stoves and propane, and this camping team offers a wide range of Firelight accessories and gathering services to enhance your camping experience.

Ithaca, NY doesn’t just provide the best glamping tents available, Ithaca, NY provides the best camping experience available. Ithaca, NY aim to please our guests by providing top-quality service in a beautiful and tranquil location.

There are many great places to go camping in Ithaca, but there is only one Firelight Glamping Camp.

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2- Cozy luxury tent Glamping – Banks, Oregon

Offering the best of nature with luxury glamping tent rentals and tent camping sites in Oregon.  Located in Banks – Oregon. Our luxurious tent camping makes you forget that you’re camping and offers a serene outdoor experience.  We offer Luxury Tent and Glamping Tent rentals along with tent camping sites, so you can enjoy nature in Oregon.

You will simply love the Oregon Glamping, a 3-bedroom cabin on the banks of the beautiful Umpqua River. This is a unique property, with a unique location, and a unique price! Book now for a mid-week stay, and we will give you a 20% discount.

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3- Canopy Ridge Safari glamping Tent – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Safari glamping Tent

Enjoy a secluded stay amongst the trees in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. You’ll love relaxing in the back of a stretched canvas canopy and taking in the views. The large rain fly protects you from the elements, while the queen-sized air mattress and memory foam bedding will provide you with luxurious comfort. This unique tent is located on a private deck that overlooks a creek and includes a hot tub and a fire pit. It also has a blower and battery-powered led lights so that you can enjoy using the tent even in cooler months. You will love the sound of the water rushing over the rocks and the scent of the fresh mountain air. This tent is an ideal way to reconnect with the ones you love, so book your stay today!

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4- Asheville luxury Glamping | Asheville, North California

Campgrounds in Asheville, California is one of a kind! Luxury glamping is a unique experience limited to campgrounds in the area. These campgrounds have amenities like bathrooms and cabins, in addition to all of the stuff you would find in a traditional campground like tents to sleep in, food to eat, and nature to enjoy! Most glamping sites also have access to their private beach, so you can swim or be a kid again! Glamping in Asheville is cheaper than most Glamping experiences as well.

Asheville luxury glamping offers a wide array of packages, helping our customers enjoy the pleasure of spending the night in a tent with all the luxuries of a 5-star hotel. their Special Enjoyment Package allows visitors to spend the night in a tent with a queen-sized memory foam mattress and soft sheets. The package also includes a three-course meal, hot tub, fire pit, and private location near downtown Asheville.

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5- Stunning luxury Glamping Yurt tent – Creede, Colorado

This luxury yurt is said to be one of the most beautiful in Colorado. Constructed with beautiful wood and canvas, this yurt is like a small portable home! Take it from city to city, or even from state to state to see the beautiful natural wonders this country has to offer. The yurt is located in Creede, Colorado.

Also, this Glamping Yurt is a stunning form of the luxury tent in Creede, Colorado. Yurts are circular structures with conical roofs. They are similar to the Mongolian nomads’ dwellings. There are three parts of the Yurt: the crown, the body, and the annex.

The crown is the top part of the yurt that has a hatch, which can be opened and closed to let in more or less light. The body is the middle part of the yurt. During the day, the ‘Kazan’ stove that is built here creates heat. At night, the stove is covered and the smoke goes through a chimney instead. The annex is the bottom part of the yurt. It creates a circular shape. The annex also contains the door of the yurt.

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6- Fireside glamping Resort – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The luxurious resort is the first of its kind to combine the cowboy-camping experience with the glamour of a five-star hotel. From the large queen-sized beds with fur throws to the en suite bathrooms, each of the 16 suites provide guests with an unparalleled level of comfort. With a fully equipped kitchen, cozy bedrooms, log fires, and luxury en-suite bathrooms, guests can experience secluded luxury with every luxury comfort that you expect from 5-star accommodation. Guests can also take advantage of the onsite spa, sauna, and outdoor hot tub. Whether you are looking to get away and relax or experience something unique and exciting, Fireside Glamping provides the perfect retreat with its breath-taking scenery and outdoor activities.

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7- Conestoga Ranch for tent glamping – Garden City, Utah

Do you want to spend quality time with your family but don’t want to stay in a stuffy hotel? Staying at a Conestoga Ranch is fun for the whole family!

Conestoga Ranch is a perfect place to hold reunions, special celebrations, and other great occasions. It’s also a great idea for a romantic getaway with your spouse.

With so many activities and amenities, you’ll never want to leave. There are lots of opportunities for you and your friends or family to enjoy. There’s a pool, a game room, a grilling area with a bar, and there’s even an assortment of animals that you’ll be able to play with! You can spend the whole day hiking at nearby nature paths, golfing, and swimming in the pool. It’s a great spot for watching the sunset, too.

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8-The Resort with a luxury tent at Paws Up| Greenough,

Resort with a luxury tent

At Paws Up, luxury and comfort go hand in hand. Along with the amenities that you expect from a high-end resort, there is also the opportunity to stay in luxury tents, popularized by the Middle Eastern sheiks in the late 19th century. The tents are flocked with soft, warm blankets and are accompanied by all of the luxuries that one would expect from a high-end resort. The tents are available for all reservations,

For more details, you can call them at (877) 580-6343, either visit the website for more details

9-Huttopia White Mountain – North Conway, New Hampshire United States.

White Mountain camping

Huttopia is a family-friendly New Hampshire resort located in the White Mountains. They offer a variety of ways to stay there and experience the outdoors in an affordable and fun way. There are cabins, lodges, and youth hostels so you can choose the best option for you. They have a wide range of activities including hiking and camping. They also have a great restaurant where you can try local foods and desserts. Huttopia New Hampshire is the perfect place for any family or individual looking for a fun, affordable vacation!

10- Ventana glamping Big Sur, California

Ventana glamping Big Sur

Located at the top of a wind-swept bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Ventana Big Sur State Park is set against a dramatic coastal landscape of towering cliffs and rocky beaches.

Tucked inside the park’s protected redwood forest, these 2- to 4-person tents feature electric heaters, gas stoves, and windows with views.

Amenities include a separate private toilet pod, a roofed outdoor dining area, and a wood-burning fire ring at each campsite.

And the best part? You still get to wake up to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocky coastline!

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If you are looking for the most luxurious glamping tent destinations for couples in the United States, then you can easily find some of the best options online. The following list of the top best glamping tents destinations for couples in the United States will help you make the best decision when planning your next camping trip away from home.