Fun and Unique Ways to Advertise Your Graphic Design Skills

Show off your great graphic design skills. They’re worth it! Depending on how you go about it, these designs could also result in new business, interesting projects, and a boost in your career. Regardless of what type of graphic design you currently do or want to try, the following could be fun and unique ways to advertise your creative talents. 

Create custom footwear 

T-shirts, like the Bella + Canvas unisex textured jersey v-neck tee, can be fantastic for showing off your graphic design skills. If you want something to pair it with, think about creating custom footwear to go with the top. The process may lead to finding a new design area that you didn’t even realize was of interest.

Depending on where you buy from, it may be possible to purchase one pair of custom designed shoes instead of having to order them in bulk. It gives you the chance to see how the design looks, the quality of the footwear, and where there needs to be any improvements (if any) without paying a huge amount. 

There are many types of footwear to consider, including sneakers, boots, and flip-flops. Opt for designing a popular seasonal style, as long as you can get the finished product back in time. For example, if you’re ordering the footwear in May, consider flip-flops anticipating that customers will want to buy them for summer. If it’s August, when the warm season is almost over, another type of footwear might be a better option. Allow yourself enough time to design them, have them created, and be shipped to you.

If you get compliments on your footwear, make sure to tell the person that you designed them. Have business cards available to hand out, with details on the back of the types of products that you can design.

Send out custom greeting cards 

Nowadays, many people skip sending out greeting cards in favor of a quick text or email. However, cards are still a great way to brighten up someone’s day – especially as a happy alternative to receiving bills. 

Show off your graphic design skills by creating your own greeting cards to send to loved ones. They’re usually easy to print at home, or have them printed. You can make a bunch that features the same design, or create a variety pack that’s personalized for different recipients. 

Whether you want to send the greeting cards for popular holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or for lesser-known observances, there are plenty of designs to consider. Recipients of the cards, or those who see them, may want to order those same custom cards, or ones featuring designs that you’ve previously done. Put your name and logo on the back of each one, so there’s no mistaking that these are your personal creations.

Use graphic design skills to make a concert-inspired poster

Think about advertising your graphic design services with a concert-inspired poster. You can put it online or in the front window of your brick-and-mortar shop, if you have one. It can be a fun way to showcase what you offer, dates of new product releases, and any upcoming sales or discounts.

Incorporate design elements of your brand into the concert-inspired poster. For example, if your logo colors are blue and white, showcase them prominently. If various elements, like branches and leaves, are a common design theme, include those as well.

Ask to team up with a business owner

There are many ways you can team up with a business owner so that the two of you can try giving each other’s profits a boost. You can do this with many different types of businesses; it’s just a matter of getting creative.

Let’s say your friend owns a pizzeria. Offer to revamp their pizza boxes with a custom design, as long as you can sign your creation and include a social media handle. Everyone who gets a pizza box will be able to see your graphic design skills and know how to reach you. The business owner, on the other hand, won’t have to pay for a new design. Of course, even if the owner is a friend, make sure there’s a legally-binding contract between the two of you that clearly states the terms of the arrangement.

There are so many options, including doing designs for menus, bags, and boxes, that you could consider as a way to team up with a business owner. It may seem like you’re just giving away your work for free or cheap, but even one single business arrangement may result in one or more potential new clients.

Design gift boxes for friends and family

Similar to how you would approach the custom greeting cards, you can design gift boxes for family and friends. For instance, instead of buying a box from a store, design your own, package up a gift, and hand it over to the recipient. 

You can also use them for everyday reasons, such as if you want to bring wrapped candies to work to share with coworkers. If you’re planning on putting food in your custom boxes, make sure the boxes that you order are made of food-grade materials. 

On the boxes, display your name and social media handles without them being so obvious that they take away from the design. Make it as easy as possible for prospective clients to contact you with questions, or to place an order for one of your products that caught their eye.

Post your unique products on social media

If you’re going to use fun new products to advertise your graphic design skills, take photos of them to post on your social media spaces. It’s a fantastic way to reach a large range of people who may see the items, and potentially become new customers.

Being a graphic designer is not only about creativity, but also showing off your skills and letting your artwork speak to every person who sees it. Take chances and find new ways to advertise your talents.