Ultimate Guide to the Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converters 

Have you ever wished you could stream your preferred YouTube videos or tunes from any place without using the internet? You can take the audio out of YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 format using YouTube to MP3 converters. This lets you use your computer or phone to listen to podcasts, music, or other YouTube videos.

Even while YouTube is a fantastic resource for online video streaming, there are situations when you only need an audio-only file that you can access offline and play anywhere. Converters can help with that. With a YouTube to MP3 converter, you may extract the audio file straight from the YouTube video and use it to create a playlist, listen to music on your commute, or save data.

This post will examine the best free internet choices for Convert YouTube to MP3. We’ll look at their features, usability, and sound quality. Our goal is to help you choose the best converter for your needs. Let’s go on now!

What is a YouTube to MP3 Converter? 

With the help of a straightforward program called a YouTube to MP3 converter, you may save MP3 files by extracting only the audio from YouTube videos. Popular digital audio formats like MP3 may be played on various devices, including phones, laptops, and music players.

You may listen to the audio and see the YouTube video without an internet connection if you download the audio as an MP3. This is useful if you want the audio alone of the song or podcast. You may listen to it on your smartphone anyplace without WiFi, including on your commute or at the gym.

To assemble an audio collection or make playlists of their favorite music, many users employ YouTube to MP3 converters. Some use them to listen to audiobooks or podcasts downloaded from YouTube. By storing the audio separately, you may enjoy YouTube material anywhere, at any time, in a format that’s more suited for casual listening than streaming.

Things to Think About While Selecting a Converter 

A few key considerations must be considered while choosing the finest YouTube to MP3 converter free for your requirements. Think about the file types to which you can convert videos, such as MP3, M4A, FLAC, or OGG. The interface and ease of use are also crucial; search for converters that provide rapid, one-click downloading.

It’s helpful if a converter supports batch conversion of multiple videos simultaneously. You’ll also want good platform support to access files across your devices. Audio quality options let you balance file size versus quality.

It’s essential only to download audio from public videos that creators have explicitly made available. While saving playlists for personal use is fine, avoid commercial or mass downloading that could infringe copyright. When in doubt, get permission from the video publisher first. Paying attention to these and picking the right features will help you stay within YouTube’s terms of use.

Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converters

Let us explore the best free YouTube to MP3 Converters:

4K YouTube to MP3 Converter 

To enjoy your favorite music, playlists, or audiobooks on the road, convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. You may quickly extract audio from YouTube videos without downloading them using the free online utility 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter.

Sound from almost any publicly accessible YouTube video may be extracted using the converter. You must provide the video URL to choose MP3 as the output format. Videos with a resolution ranging from 240p to sharp 4K can have their audio extracted. 96kbps, 128kbps, and the highest quality 320kbps MP3 files are the available options for audio quality.

Among the best advantages is the ability to quickly extract several URLs using batch conversion. Your music is correctly categorized since it keeps track of metadata such as names, artists, and albums. Beyond MP3, you can receive a range of other audio formats, such as M4A, FLAC, and WAV.

Few clicks are needed to complete the converting procedure. After extracting the audio, you may download or stream the MP3 file to your computer or mobile device. One useful feature is that it stores your most recent conversions for easy access in the future.

While the converter works great for personal use, a downside is you cannot monetize or use converted audio for commercial purposes. Also, it needs a few advanced options found on paid converters. But casually extracting tunes from YouTube is perfect for the job. If you enjoy playlisting YouTube songs or listening offline, this free online tool is worth keeping bookmarked.


Need an easy way to save videos from any website? Check out ClipGrab, a free web application that allows you to instantly download videos from over 1,000 other websites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

It finds embedded movies on websites to function. The URL may be copied and pasted into ClipGrab to have any viewable videos automatically found and extracted. After that, you may download it in MP4 or other file types, such as AVI, WebM, or MKV. You may also store audio as a separate MP3 file.

ClipGrab’s ability to conduct searches across major video platforms directly from its interface is one standout feature. This is handy when you want to find and save something but only have part of the title or uploader name. It supports subtitles and playlists, too, so entire channels can be archived at once.

Video quality tends to match the source, but advanced options let you adjust resolution, frame rate, and bitrate as needed. ClipGrab also remembers your login for sites like YouTube to access members-only content more easily.

While the free version offers much, a ClipGrab subscription unlocks everything without ads or watermarks. But even without upgrading, it’s perfect for basic video hoarding needs on a budget.

One downside is that downloading from sites with heavy protections can be tricky. Also, like most converters, using ClioGrab may violate some websites’ terms of use. But for snagging public videos you see online, it takes effort to beat the simplicity and range of sources it supports in one application.

Any Video Converter Free 

Converting videos to different formats and devices became easier with Any Video Converter Free. This free video converter makes it simple to change video files so you can watch them anywhere.

Files like MP4, AVI, MOV, and more may be loaded from your computer with Any Video Converter Free. You’ll be able to know which formats the video can be converted to by the software’s automated analysis. Along with popular device types like iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and PlayStation, you have options for popular file types like MP4, AVI, and MPEG. Customizing your video outputs with filters is one really useful tool.

For example, you can resize videos to fit certain devices better, reduce file size, add watermarks, or change other settings. The app also lets you choose from device profiles, automatically setting the best settings for a device like an iPhone 8.

The conversion process is simple – select your source file, choose the format and device you want, and hit convert. You can even queue up multiple conversions at once. While the free version works great for basic conversions, a Pro version removes the free version’s output resolution. The free is a great, easy-to-use option to convert videos frequently without spending a dime. It gets the job done fast without complicated settings. The free version works well for standard-definition videos, but consider upgrading if working with larger files.

Freemake Video Converter 

Freemake Video Converter is another excellent free option for converting video files on Windows and Mac. It supports over 500 video/audio formats, one of the widest in any free video converter. This wide format compatibility means you have many options for converting your files.

You must drag and drop your video files into the application to begin converting. You can select multiple files at once, too. Freemake will detect the format, and you can then choose your desired output type. In addition to converting formats, it lets you crop clips, merge video+audio files, resize videos, and more directly from the editing tools.

Some useful features include preset profiles to optimize device quality, adjustable video/audio quality settings, integrated YouTube/Facebook uploader, and hardware acceleration support. YouTube channels and videos may even be downloaded for offline viewing. Common chores are made simple to do by the user-friendly UI.

While the free version works perfectly, a Pro upgrade unlocks additional codecs and custom presets. One minor con is that exports default to a Freemake folder instead of your preferred location, but that can be easily changed in settings.

Freemake Video Converter is a powerful free option that does more than just basic conversions. The expanded format/device support and built-in editing tools make it a great all-in-one video utility for new and experienced users.


Are you sick and tired of not saving the music and videos you see on YouTube? YTMP3 is a simple yet effective way to freely extract audio from YouTube videos and create MP3 files you can listen to anywhere.

There are few settings on the simple, user-friendly design. There are few settings on the simple, intuitive UI. Use it by either searching for a video directly on the website or copying and pasting a YouTube video’s URL into the search field. The audio will be automatically extracted by YTMP3 and converted to the excellent MP3 format. In general, download speeds are also quick.

Its simplicity of use—no difficult settings to tweak or video formats to choose—is one of its greatest advantages. This website only specializes in quickly converting YouTube videos to MP3s. Additionally, there is no installation software because the conversion is done online.

While the free version is quite functional, a $20 premium membership removes download limitations and grants access to quicker, higher-quality audio extraction, still, the fundamental functions are ideal for infrequent YouTube music rips.

YTMP3 is a great option for hassle-free, fast, and straightforward YouTube to MP3 conversions because of its user-friendly design, speed, and simplicity. It seamlessly manages the browser conversion process.


Q: Is downloading audio files from YouTube permissible?

 A: While YouTube’s terms prohibit direct audio ripping, converting for personal use is generally considered fair since you already have access via streaming. It’s best not to redistribute or use audio for commercial purposes.

Q: What format do YouTube to MP3 converters save audio in?

 A: Nearly all converters save audio in the universal MP3 format. This allows easy playback on any device that supports MP3s, like phones, computers, media players, etc.

Q: How many songs can I convert for free before it expires?

 A: Most free converter sites allow unlimited downloads but may have restrictions like daily limits or lower quality outputs. Premium upgraded versions usually remove limits.

Q: How do I convert an entire YouTube playlist?

 A: Tools like Freemake Video Converter allow for directly importing a playlist URL for batch conversion to MP3. Or you can convert songs individually and save them to the same folder.


So, each of these YouTube to MP3 options has strengths- wide format support, built-in video editing, or clean website conversion. But overall, YTMP3 stands out for absolute simplicity if you only need basic YouTune audio extraction. Freemake Video Converter offers the most value as a powerful all-in-one free solution for advanced users who can conveniently handle various video/audio tasks. Any of these programs will make saving YouTube songs to your device collection hassle-free.

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