Fix Internet Explorer Not Working Issue

Todays’ topic mainly deals with the working issues of internet explorers. So, the very first thing we will discuss the causes and after that fixes to solve the issue of internet explorer not working. This issue can be caused due to any of the following issues:

  1. You may be using an outdated or corrupted video driver
  2. System files on your PC may be corrupt or mismatched with other files
  3. You may have a Virus or Malware infection on your PC 
  4. Some applications or services running on your PC may be causing Windows 10 Internet Explorer not working.

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Step 1: Reset Internet Explorer:

Follow the following steps:

  1. Click on Start Button
  2. Click on Control panel
  3. Now, Click on Network and Internet
  4. Click on “Internet Options
  5. Click on the advanced tab.
  6. Then, Click on the “Reset” button. You’ll get another box, here check the box named “Delete Personal Settings“, then click on the Reset button on it.
  7. Un-check an option named as “use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”. it is located under “accelerated graphics”.
Internet Explorer not working windows 10

Step 2: Run Microsoft Fixit’s

Please go to the link and download and run this Microsoft fix-it to Fix Internet Explorer Not Working Error.


Then please restart your computer and check your internet explorer.

As far as we know, in addition to IE, the other internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox would, in the same way, stopped working, usually after each update for Windows 10 Creators 1703 or Anniversary 1607.

=> Update IE to the Most Recent Version: Ie11.​

You can easily get the latest update of Internet Explorer by downloading and installing it from Microsoft.

=> Wipe all Temporary IE Files

Go to “Internet Options” > “General tab” > “Browsing History” > “Delete” > uncheck “Preserve Favorites website data” then delete Temporary Internet Files.

=> Reset IE from the Control Panel from Windows

Go to Network and Internet tab > Internet options > advanced > Reset

=> Reset IE in the Run from Internet Properties

  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys simultaneously to pull up Task Manager.
  • Locate iexplore.exe under the Processes tab.
  • Right-click on it and select End Task.
  • Press Windows + R keys simultaneously this time to bring up the Run box. Type inetcpl.cpl and click OK.
  • Go to the Advanced Tab, and click Reset. Place a check on Delete Personal Settings, and Hit Reset again. Click Apply/OK to close the Internet Properties dialog.
  • Now test to see if Internet Explorer opens up, if not then Hold the Windows Key and Press R again, and type inetcpl.cpl and Click OK. Go to the Advanced tab, and place a check on Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.
  • Click Apply/OK and this should fix the issue with Internet Explorer.

=>Rename Users Profile and Edit Registry

  • Reboot PC and log in as administrator.
  • Rename users profile located in C:\users\ to
  • Open Registry
  • Go to \HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
  • Click on each of the S-1* till you find the username of the user you are trying to fix in the Central Profile key
  • Right-click on the left ‘folder’ and choose export
  • Reboot
  • Have the user log back in, and copy necessary files from the folder you renamed in step 3 to the newly created folder.

Step 4: Disable System Services:

If you still have problems, try the next windows command trick

  1. Click Start and go running.
  2. Type msconfig then press Enter.
  3. Click Selective startup
  4. Uncheck Load startup items
  5. Click the Services tab
  6. Check the Hide all Microsoft services box
  7. Now, Click Disable all
  8. Click OK
  9. Click Restart Now

Once your computer has finished restarting..

  1. Click Start and go running.
  2. Type msconfig then press Enter.
  3. Click the Services tab
  4. Check the Hide all Microsoft services box
  5. Now, Check (Enable) the top half of the service boxes
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Restart Now

Step 5: Disable Add-ons

Occasionally, the various add-ons that you’ve attached to Internet Explorer can be the reason for its crashing over and over. Thankfully, these are easy to disable once you have Internet Explorer booted up, and you can do it right from the browser’s menu system.

  • Navigate to Tools in the Internet Explorer menu bar.
  • Select Manage Add-ons.
  • Click on Show.
  • Once you have a visible list of all of Internet Explorer’s add-ons, you can click off any of them that you want to disable.
  • After you’ve finished, select Disable followed by Close.

So, these were the methods that would help you fix the working issues of internet explorer. If you are also facing the same problem of Internet explorer not working on windows 10 then go for following the above-mentioned steps and that will help you fix internet explorer freeze on windows 10.