How to fix blue screen windows stop code 0xc000021a error

Windows 10 error 0xc000021a Fix

Blue screen of death (BSOD) has been a major bone of contention for Windows users for some time now. It started appearing in Windows 2000 when the graphical interface was introduced and has been a constant source of annoyance for users of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Here we cover in this article, how to fix blue screen windows stop code 0xc000021a error

This is a serious error, the error code could be anything from error 0xC00000010xC0020014 or from 0xC00000050xC0000206. These error codes mean different things, and the best thing to do is to address them.

There are many versions of this error that are coming every day, you may get several fixes for this error immediately. However, this is not the proper way. You should try to get info from your system to analyze the real cause of the error. This post will give you some advice to fix your blue screen windows stop code 0xc000021a error

Way to Fix the BSOD Error 0xc000021a in All Windows generations.

There are two types of blue screen errors:

Stop error and BSOD. A stop error message is just that: the program stops operating, and Windows will display a dialog box offering you the chance to stop the program or continue running it.  The BSOD, or blue screen of death, is the most disturbing thing for Windows operating systems. You cannot stop the computer or the program; the problem must be resolved before the computer freezes up and needs to be rebooted.

What is the 0xc000021a error code

0xc000021a error code is a memory-related Windows error message. It appears on the screen with a blue background. The message is quite generic and just tells you that the blue screen is going to disappear, but it doesn’t tell you what the problem is. 0xc000021a error code is generally caused by memory issues or driver problems, but it can also mean a lot of other things and is one of the trickiest blue screen errors to troubleshoot.

What is a (Blue Screen Of death) BSOD

It’s one of the most frustrating errors you can encounter while surfing the Internet. A blue screen of death, also known as a BSoD, is an error screen that appears when a fatal system error occurs on a Windows operating system. These errors can vary in severity, but the BSoD is a rather serious one that can completely shut down your computer, forcing you to restart and lose any unsaved information you may have had open at the time.

What are the main causes for the 0xc000021a error code on Windows and solutions?

The error 0xc000021a is a serious problem that can occur when you work with Microsoft Windows. There are several possible causes of this error, which can be quite complex and require a lot of time and effort to resolve. The main causes of the error 0xc000021a are as follows: Corrupt system files Missing or outdated drivers. Windows update is not completed Missing or outdated system components.

0xc000021a is one of the most common error codes in Windows. It’s pretty annoying that windows can’t let you know what’s wrong, but if you’re determined to get rid of this error code, then you can do it by following these steps.

  • Step 1: Identify and remove the possible root cause of the error. This error may occur because some system files and registry entries are missing, so you need to identify and remove the possible causes.
  • Step2: Perform a clean boot to see if the error is caused by third-party applications.
  • Step 3: If you can’t find the cause of the error, then you need to update your drivers and install the latest version of the software that you use.
  • Step 4: If the error still occurs, then you should check if it’s caused by hardware issues.

On the generation of Windows 10, 8, How to Fix Stop Code Issue 0xc000021a

When you encounter an error 0xc000021a. It means that you are trying to upgrade to Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, if you have Windows 7 computer and when you tried to upgrade it to Windows 10, so you might be had a lot of problems. To upgrade to Windows 10, you may use the media creation tool and after a lot of time and some problems, then you finally managed to upgrade my Windows 7 computer to Windows 10. It’s not easy to upgrade to Windows 10, as you may have found out. So, here are a few quick fixes for stop code issue 0xc000021a.

1.1 Clean Boot

  • This procedure will assist you in thoroughly troubleshooting the error 0xc000021a. To operate a clean PC booth, follow the steps given:
  • Whenever you are unable to view your desktop due to a blue screen, restart your system in safe mode. When your computer starts up, press F8 to enter safe mode.
  • To view your pc, press Windows + R to bring up the press enter.
  •  Put MSConfig into the window and press Enter. 
  • On the setup window, select the ‘general‘ tab.
  • Select ‘selective startup‘.
  • Untick the load startup items box.
  • Go to the services tab.
  • Select the ‘Remove all Microsoft services‘ radio button.
  •  Click ‘deactivate all‘ in the bottom right.
  • Go to the startup tab and disconnect all of the functions; the user can do this by straight on each and selecting the disable option.
  • Click enter and see the modifications will be applied.
  • Restart your browser to see whether the error has been repaired.

1.2 Delete software or drivers

  • This issue can be caused by recently installed applications or drivers. Each piece of software or driver must be uninstalled.
  • Alternatively, go online and look for the latest release or one that is functional with your Desktop: 8 or 8.1.
  • Whenever you can’t get into your pc, try starting it in System Settings and uninstalling the application or drivers you need:
  • Just before Windows 8 logo shows, restart the system and touch the F8 key If the F8 key sometimes doesn’t work, then try to press the F11 key.
  • in the drop-down menu section, choose Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings. Reset
  • To enter Safe Mode, tap the F4 key.
  • Users can restart into Safe Mode using the existing disc if you have it:
  • Replace the disc and restart the computer.
  • To reboot the device, tap any key.
  • Select Device Repair.
  • Tap Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options, Startup Settings, and Restart to complete the process.
  • To enter Safe Mode, press F4.

1.3 SFC can repair corrupt files.

SFC is a designed feature in Windows panes that allows users to manage and auto repair rigged system and registry files. When you operate the settings app, you can conduct this scan.

Insert cmd into the Windows search box.

Right-click and select ‘Run as administrator‘ when the popup box appears.

Write SFC, scan now, and hit enter on the panel.

SFC will scan for and restore damaged file systems that are creating Windows error number 0xc000021a. When it’s finished, restart your computer and see if the issue has gone away.

1.4 Reboot

System Restore Windows 10
System Restore Windows 10

A reboot of your system is possible with Windows 8/8.1/10.  Before you begin, observe the following point:

Resetting your computer will delete all of your files.

 restore your machine to Windows 8 if it is Running 8.1. You must update to Windows 8.1 when the Reset operation is completed.

Consider the following factors:

Reboot the computer again.

 The letter’s key to use is F8 or F11.

If allowed, select a keyboard layout and then click Troubleshoot.

Click Start your desktop again. Follow the on-screen steps.

1.5 Remove the Malware Windows Update and stop code 0xc000021a

System Restore frequently fails during the installation process. And such events can result in the appearance of the blue screen. Disabling the incorrect update is the simplest technique to fix Windows 10 blue screen. Similarly, some apps may have corrupted vital documents on your Pc Or laptop.

By going to Settings > Update & Recovery > Windows Update > Update history > Uninstall updates, you can uninstall Windows Update.

1.6 BIOS resetting (Blue Screen Of death)

Error number 0xc000021a can be resolved by removing the CMOS device for a few minutes and then replacing it. Here’s where to go from here:

If your computer has been turned on, turn it off.

Delete all outside items and power cords.

Change the power from your PC Chassis.

 Replace the battery once a few minutes have passed. Here you should reset your computer to test if everything is operating properly.


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to fix blue screen windows stop code 0xc000021a error. With this knowledge, we know that you’ll be able to fix the blue screen windows stop code 0xc000021a error on your own!