How to Fix Facebook Not Loading problem?

facebook not loading images

This is a time of modern technology and a million joining the social platform like Instagram, Facebook and many more. Social channels got a flood of people due to access to the internet to everyone. Facebook is one of the top-rated social platforms. Million of people join facebook from worldwide. You can share here post, status, images, or video or audio. It allows the people to chat, comment on photos, document and photo sharing in personal chats. Sometimes, the user faces the issues that facebook not loading, facebook not opening, etc.

Facebook not Loading on the iPhone

Due to some technical error, people face the issue facebook app is not loading or facebook app not opening. Sometimes, people also complain that facebook is not loading images properly. So, in this case, we will help you. You need to Contact Facebook Customer Service Phone number to get the help. Or follow the steps given below to fix facebook not working or loading on the iPhone.

Resolve Facebook not Loading Images

There are a number of reasons behind the problem such as slow internet connection, temporary files or cache, the problem in the browser or may be due to the virus. In that case, first, try to troubleshoot this problem. If you are unable to fix the problem by following the below-mentioned steps, then I suggest you contact facebook customer service.

Fix Slow Internet Connection Error:

  1. First, you need to make sure your internet connection is good.
  2. You can check by opening any website.
  3. If the website will not open then it means your internet connection is slow or not working.
  4. Fix check the internet connection port.
  5. Try un-plug and again plug in the wire.
  6. Fix no internet connection problem by restarting the PC.

Clear Temporary and cache files

When you have checked the internet is working properly then it means the problem is with somewhere else. So, you need to remove the temp files. So, you can fix facebook not loading images issue.

  1. What are temporary or Cache files: Whenever a user visits any website and temporary or cache file is generated. It stored the browsing history so when you again visit the same webpage. It will load the website in less time. When the size of cache files is too larger it will start creating a problem.
  2. So, you need to remove the cache files

How to Remove Cache Files?

You need to download Ccleaner Software from its official website. Run the Application on windows Pc. It will delete all the temporary and cache files that were created previously. Most of the time, clearing cache files will fix the facebook not loading problem. After clearing cache files try to open facebook in a different web browser. If facebook not opening then try another method to fix Facebook not working on iPhone.

Resolve Web Browser Problem:

There may be some problem or plugin that is blocking facebook to use properly. So, you need to resolve browser issues. Follow the below-given steps to fix the problem

  1. First Initially do internet optimization
  2. If it is done it aids in correcting some issues which happen in the browsers.
  3. Once it is completed check if the problem is fixed or not by opening your browser.

Remove Virus From PC

If you have tried all the 3 methods and still facing the problem that facebook is not loading on iPhone or Desktop or Laptop. Then you need to check for the virus present on your PC. Because virus or malicious application hijack your facebook login username and password. After that, it disables facebook at your end. So, they will change your Facebook login credentials.

facebook not loading images

That’s why we suggest you check your PC for virus or malware. Download Malwarebytes from its Official Website. Run the Malwarebytes full system scan. It will find and remove all the virus or malicious files found on your PC.

Facebook Customer Service

If you have tried all the 4 methods to fix the problem and still facing the problem. Then you should call facebook customer service 1-888-272-9xxx. The agent at facebook helpline will listen to your problem and will tell you why you are facing this issue.

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