Facebook Login Failed: Error Code 2

Todays’ topic is fixing facebook error code 2. But first, have a look at the meaning of error code 2 on facebook. Facebook login failed error code 2 iPhone occurs when you are trying to sign in to your Facebook account. And returns either “sorry something went wrong” or sorry an unexpected error occurred on Facebook. Facebook login error code 2 on iPhone occurs when the Facebook server is down.

Facebook error code 2 could be a connection error or server error. When you are trying to log in to your Facebook account on an iPhone or iPad. Because the Facebook server is down. The error code 2 is unexpected and it doesn’t occur often. 

facebok error code 2

Fix Facebook Login Error Code 2

Here are some of the reasons why you are unable to log into your Facebook account on the iPhone/iPad with the Facebook login error code on the iPhone. 

  1. Facebook Will Be Back Soon
  2. Sorry, something went wrong
  3. Account Temporarily Unavailable
  4. Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Please try again later or Error code 2 while login facebook
  5. Login Failed. Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. Error code: 1 (FBAPIErrorDomain)
  6. This media could not be played
  7. An unknown network error has occurred
  8. Cannot communicate with the server
  9. Facebook is down for required maintenance right now

How to Fix FB Error Code 2?

Check the following first when you see Facebook error code 2 on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Scroll down till you find General. Tap on it.
  3. Check your network connection if it’s not limited
  4. If you are using anti-virus it can stop Facebook from working most especially if you are from a region where Facebook is no longer allowed
  5. Set your local time correctly. Better still set your phone or iDevice date to automatic with your network connection
  6. Reset your network setting to default
  7. You will see a popup. Tap on the red Reset Network Settings text
  8. Close the pop-up.
  9. Now, Select Reset Location Settings.
  10. When prompted, select the read Reset Settings text.
  11. Check your location and privacy data if it’s not the problem why you are unable to connect to Facebook
  12. If the Facebook server is down you may not be able to log in
  13. Also, check whether the Facebook app isn’t outdated. If it does please update it to the latest version and log in again
  14. Uninstall the Facebook app and then reinstall it again
  15. Restart your phone
  16. You will be able to log in to your Facebook account now.

And also you have to do one more important step that is to clear safari browser caches. If you often use the Safari browser to access your Facebook account on your iPhone or iPad and the login error code 2 occurs just clear your browser caches.

  1. Close Safari “if” it’s opened
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Click Safari.
  4. Scroll down
  5. Click Clear History and Website Data.

Now, repeat the step to reset your network connection from above or go to   Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Facebook App Crashed And Wouldn’t Open Now

This Facebook app problem on iPhone happened not very frequently. Rest assured that this has become normal for iPhone users. While some claim that this has to do with Facebook’s new update, some insist that it is due to the iOS 9 update. Whatever the reason, however, the problem can be taken care of yourself too.


Power off your phone and turn it on again. If the problem persists, uninstall the Facebook app from your iPhone and download it again from the app store.

Can’t log in to Facebook Account

This problem has started with the iOS 9 update and is a very serious one. Having the correct login information but still not being able to access your account is enough to freak any sane person out after a little while. There might be a possibility that your account has been hacked. You can easily recover a hacked Facebook by following a few easy steps.


Reset all network settings; this would allow for your Wi-Fi to recover from any issues that it might have faced during the iOS 9 update and will resolve the login problem. However, if you still can’t seem to log in, enable cellular data for the Facebook app by navigating the settings on your iPhone.

Facebook App Hangs Every Time

The Facebook app stops responding after some time and starts hanging? Well, for one, you are not alone as millions of users have to go through this every day. The problem is annoying, frustrating and enough to push anyone to delete the app from his iPhone forever.


Close the app and uninstall it from your iPhone. Turn off your iPhone and turn it back on and then install the Facebook app again.

If you have been a victim of any of these problems or some other, you can try doing what has been suggested to fix the issues. However, if the problem persists, you can always register the issue with Facebook itself to help get a better understanding as to what you’re facing and what can be done to improve the situation. Moreover, as Facebook gets more and more aware of the situation, it releases updates and fixes with each new version of the app. Therefore, it is important to install every new update of the Facebook app as it becomes available.

Set your Time to Automatic Update

This procedure usually works for most messenger apps including the Facebook app, WhatsApp, etc. So, if you are facing the Facebook error code 2 on your iPhone. iPad, you may want to try to set the date to automatic update.

  1. Go to your iPhone settings
  2. Click on the general option
  3. Tap on date & time
  4. Set it to automatically

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)-

Question: How to Clear Safari Browser Caches

Ans: If you can use Safari web browser to log in Facebook account on your iPad or iPhone and get login error 2. So just clear your web browser caches.

  1. Close Safari, if it is opened
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click Safari
  4. Scroll down
  5. Tab to clear History and Website Data.

Next, Do again the step to reset your web connection from above or go to Settings >> General >> Reset Network Settings.

Now unexpected Facebook login error code 2 is fixed and you will try to log in to your Facebook account.