Everything you need to know about Windows 11

Earlier this year, Microsoft finally announce the launch of their new operating system, Windows 11.

Along with clever and intuitive features, the new Microsoft operating system provides a much-needed refresh to the start menu, settings and more.

For Microsoft desktop and mobile users, we’ve compiled our list of everything you need to know about the Windows 11 operating system.

The start button

The start button has long lived in the left-hand corner of Windows operating systems, but with Windows 11 it moves to join other applications on the task bar.

Some users may find this feature useful. For die hard Windows users, it will come as some relief that you can move it back to the left if you want.

The start menu

Apps will no longer be pinned to your start menu as single apps. They will now live under a pinned menu button.

Just like Windows 10, you can add andremove pinned apps at your leisure. The new start menu also has a prominent “Recommended” apps list, featuring recently accessed files.

The system requirements

Older PCs and laptops might now be able to run Windows 11. You will need to check before you try and install.

The Raspberry Pi can be run the operating system though. With some clever coding you could use the Raspberry Pi to run Windows 11 on your older device.

The on-screen keyboard

The on-screen keyboard has been significantly updated for Windows 11. Packed full of emojis, GIFs, a clipboard, word suggestions and more.

You can even customise the keyboard to your chosen theme. Although a few features are missing, such as the numerical keyboard option.

The settings

In Windows 11, the settings app has been significantly reorganised. It now includes widgets, links to folders, and PC customisation as a priority.

It also has features to help your computer remember where screens were when you were using a second or third screen before.

The touch gestures

The trackpad touch gestures which have ben a common feature of Microsoft laptops of late are now included as part of Windows 11 mobile operating system.

This addition will make using a Windows enabled device more like using a touchscreen PC rather than an Apple iPad.

With so many great features to explore with Windows 11, it is sure to be a hit with lovers of Windows operating systems.