Everything About Domain Authority You Need to Know

If you are trying to rank your website on page 1 of search engines, you must have come across the term “domain authority.” 

It is an important metric that helps your website reach wider audiences. 

So, what is domain authority, and what should you know about it? We have mentioned everything in this article. 

Take a look.

What is Domain Authority?

Moz defines domain authority as a measurement metric that determines the website’s strength. Marketers and others use it to help them understand a website’s credibility. Moz uses different factors to calculate the domain authority. 

If your website checks these factors, it will improve its domain authority.


Google and other search engines do not have the analytical tools or features to optimize a website. Most of the domain authority factors are very similar to search engine optimization ones. The site’s domain authority will increase if its SEO is on point. 

The site with a higher domain authority score will rank higher in search engine result pages. However, a website’s domain authority is not directly related to Google or any other search engine. This number can be used to determine the website’s credibility and negotiate a deal if you decide to sell the website in the future. 

High domain authority can help increase the site’s selling rate.

Top 3 Ways to Increase the Domain Authority

Longform Articles (2000+ words)

Long articles are key to increasing domain authority. They keep users on your site for longer periods. Google and other search engines like longer articles as they look more informative.

Note: For domain authority to increase, 2000 words are not enough. You need to make sure your articles have quality as well.

In the past, writing short content was not the problem. But, now, long content is a valuable asset to increasing domain authority.

Your marketing efforts should be focused on 2000+ words if you are trying to compete with other marketers. You can see, for example, that top-ranked articles have longer articles.

A longer article will bring in more leads and increase trust with the readers.

Have a Backlink Profile

A high-quality link profile is the most important thing to increase your website’s authority after valuable content. The number of outgoing links and incoming links that a website has is called its link profile. 

Let’s talk about both these backlink types. 

Internal Links

These links are found on your website’s pages and posts. They refer the user to another page or post. This is an effective way and loved by search engines to improve the user experience and ease navigation on your site. 

So, consider increasing the number of links within your blog or web pages by linking to the most authoritative and relevant links. 


Backlinks are links that link to your website from other websites. This is a significant factor as it increases trust and authority for your website. Backlinks are important for search engine rankings because they act as votes telling search engines to rank your website higher in search rankings. 

This increases your chances of getting referral traffic. 

Here are some top ways to get backlinks:

  • Infographics
  • Backlinks from Broken links
  • Guest Posting 
  • Self-Submission sites 

Share Links on Social Media

Social media marketing is a common practice in any brand’s digital marketing efforts. If you utilize it right, you will get social traffic, a strong ranking indicator for search engines. 

So, consider having profiles on all the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms can be connected to your site, which will increase your Moz score. Now you may ask, “What should I do now after my website is connected to social media sites?”

Well, one obvious step could be sharing the URL of your website to increase referral traffic. It doesn’t matter if you create a blog post or a web page; you must share it on social media.

Final Word

Increasing a website’s domain authority takes experience, consistency, and the right knowledge. If you think this might be challenging for you, consider taking SEO consulting services.