Why my Epson Printer Not Printing Black Color?

epson printer not printing black color

Epson printers are known for their durability and rigidity. It is the second most used printer after hp. But Epson printer is also a machine that can create a problem at any time. There are a number of problems that you may face with Printers. But Epson printer not printing black color or Epson printer not working are some of the basic problems. You need to get rid of the problem as soon as possible otherwise it can corrupt Epson printer drivers.

Epson Printer Printing Issue:

The Printing issues happen with Epson printer are quite common. Epson printer not printing is the state in which printer start malfunctioning and you may face Epson printer not working. The causes of the problem depend on many factors. Some of them are listed below. Read the steps carefully and fix them.

  1. Empty Ink  Cartridge
  2. Paper Jam Issue
  3. Outdated / Corrupt Printer driver

In this article, I have explained all the reasons that cause Epson printer not printing black. Read the procedure properly and follow them to fix Epson printer problems.

Epson Printer Not Working/Printing Fixed

Empty Ink Cartridge

Empty Cartridge: First possible reason behind Epson printer not printing black is that the ink cartridge may be empty. The ink finished in the cartridge so you need to change or refill the cartridge. Because, when the ink gets below the alert mark, the printer stops working. Prior, the printer stops working it will give you a warning of low ink in the cartridge.

Empty cartridge solution

Empty cartridge solution: Open top cover of the printer to check the ink cartridge. Remove it one by one and check the ink levels of each. Check the ink in the cartridge is below the alert mark or not. If it is below mark just change it or ink cartridge has ink then check the second reason. Now, clean Epson printer printhead using a clean cloth. Now, close the printer cover and try to print a trial copy to check It is working or not.

Epson Printer Paper Jam Issue

Paper Jam Issue: this is a small reason but can stop epson printer from printing. Paper jam is a quite common problem. You can easily fix the paper jam issue without any hassle. You need to fix the problem to increase printer life.

Paper Jam Issue Fixed

Paper Jam Issue Fixed: Open Paper tray of the printer and check the sides for any kind of chunk of paper causing the problem. Remove the paper that creating a problem. Use a paper dimension that allowed for the version. It was already mentioned in the printer manual.

Outdated / Corrupted Epson Driver

Outdated / Corrupted Epson Driver: Driver software are the program designed to communicate between the computer and hardware. The new version of driver software launched according to the operating system update. Outdated Driver software can stop Epson printer from printing or Printer driver is corrupted by virus or malware. So, you need to install the latest version of the Epson printer driver. First, you need to remove malware or virus from pc.

Solution for the corrupted/outdated printer driver

Solution for corrupted/outdated printer driver: You can update Epson printer driver if it is outdated. Open Printer manufacturer website and go to the driver download section. Select your printer model to download the new version of the printer driver. If the printer driver is corrupted, you need to remove virus and malware. You can install avast or pc matic antivirus. They will remove virus present on your pc. Now, you need to install anti-malware software, so you can remove malicious application present on your pc.

Ways to increase Epson Printer Durability?

  1. Use the recommended dimension papers.
  2. Update Epson printer driver when a new version is available
  3. Regularly, clean printhead and other parts
  4. Use genuine ink
  5. Always use paper in limits according to the paper tray.

You can follow the steps to fix Epson printer not printing black color. But make sure you follow the procedure step by step.

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