Ways to Fix Epson Error code 0x97

Epson Error Code 0x97

When you face Epson error code 0x97 then it stopped the printer from printing. which is a huge hassle. Try the steps given below to fix the issues or you can contact Epson printer support.

What is Epson Error code 0x97?

The error code 0x97 occurs on Epson printer due to printer internal hardware failure. This error code appears on these Epson printer models wp-3620, wf-4630, wf-3640 and 7610.

Epson printer manufacturers also confirmed that the issue appears due to motherboard failure or some internal part malfunctioning. So, it’s necessary to fix it. Otherwise, your Epson printer will stop printing.

You can try the common fixes given below, maximum of times these steps help the users to get rid of Epson printer error message. If you are unable to fix then it is a fatal error. You need to contact Epson printer technical support to get it fixed.

How To Fix The Epson Error Code 0x97?

Our team of expert always try to help the user. Below are some steps to fix Epson printer error. Just follow them step by step to fix the printer problems.

Method 1: Unplug or Plugin

  1. Remove all connected USB cables
  2. Remove USB drivers
  3. Take out the cartridges
  4. Still turn off, push down the power to discharge all remaining power in the printer
  5. Connect the USB cables and other external cables
  6. Install Printer cartridge
  7. Switch on the power
  8. Try to print again
  9. Check the error resolved or not

If the error persists, proceed to the subsequent method.

Method 2: Unplug And Plug-In Advanced Method

  1. Turn off Epson printer and remove the Connecting cables from PC
  2. Remove all the connecting cables and other USB Devices
  3. Wait for a few minutes until the printer cool down
  4. Press the power button and don’t release it, Wait for a minute
  5. Attach the power cord and hold the power button for 1 minute
  6. Now, Release the power button and Do a test print
  7. Check the printer error code 0x97 is resolved or not.

Method 3: Microsoft’s Printer Troubleshooter

You can download and try this software to resolve your printer error. Microsoft printer troubleshooter is free software to resolve printer errors. You can find it here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4015401/windows-10-fix-printer-problems

Method 4: Contact Epson Printer Expert

The Best Way to Fix Epson printer error code 0x97 that was due to some internal errors of the printer. If you have followed the steps given above and still you are unable to fix the printer issues then it was a vital issue. The steps given above are best to fix the printer problems but sometimes users are unable to fix it.

Epson Error Code 0x97

In this case, you can contact Epson printer support number. The team of expert technician will listen to your problem and help you with the best possible solution. Just call on 1-888-272-9xxx Toll-free number for Epson printer issues. The technician at our support team is available 24/7 to help the user.

Why I am Facing Printer Error 0x97?

Printer Error code 0x97 appears due to issues with the motherboard or internal component of the printer. It stops your Epson printer from printing. So, you need to fix the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will not be able to print until you fix the printer issue.

How Do I Contact Epson Support?

There are 3 ways to contact Epson printer. You can contact by dialing Epson toll-free number, or By Doing Chat on Epson official website or by sending them an email. For instant Epson help dial Epson printer helpline number 1-888-272-9xxx or send email to Epson printer support@epsonconnect.com

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