Effective Hacks That Will Make Designing Your Product Easier

Designing a product can be quite a challenging feat because sometimes you will end up with no ideas, and even worse you could be in the middle of a deadline with no designs to show for. This is why we’ve come up with effective hacks that will make designing your products much easier.Product Design

Adjust According to Users

Your users are the ones that are going to be using the product you designed and if you want to serve them best, you should do your best to understand their needs. Understanding your target audience so to speak can give you the upper hand in manufacturing, and launching your product in the market. This is why it may be useful to dig deeper into product reviews and invest your time in figuring out what makes your target audience unique so you can better tune in to their needs, and design your products to have a better chance on the market.

By understanding the persona of your average user and their wants and likes, you can come up with designs that have a market need. It’s also highly advisable to pay attention to products that are already on the market because it can help you come up with better solutions, and it can also shed some light on what designs work and which aren’t quite popular.

The Pareto Principle

The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule means that 20% of the input causes 80% of output. This pattern can be seen in many other fields such as transportation, economics, human habits, etc. For example, 80% of traffic is on 20% of the roads or 80% of a company’s revenue is generated from only 20% of users. While you may be wondering what this has to do with designing your product easier, the answer is that it has plenty of benefits. What this all about comes in a series of actions that you need to take starting with getting to know the situation, the resources, constraints, and the overall problem.

Once you’re familiar with all of these aspects, you should identify that 20% area where you should be spending your energy and deploy resources. Last but not least you should repeat the first process which is essentially gathering intel, and then strategize for the next process. This process is bound to leave you with great results in product design.Design

Go the Extra Mile

There is one particular design hack that is so effective because it allows accessibility and speed to create small batches of new design quickly, and allow you to test and adjust them accordingly. This hack entirely refers to the use of 3D printers which are the only known technology to allow you to work and test out designs this fast.

While too many 3D printers might sound too futuristic, the truth is nothing but since many companies have been using 3D printers or have requested these services to help them hack the design process. For example, 3D printers in LA have made it possible for many LA-based product designers to make the process easier by enabling them to get high-quality 3D parts and an on-demand 3D printing service. These kinds of services can especially be significant if you’re running on a tight deadline and if you need high-resolution parts for your presentation.

Aesthetics Are Important

If you’re looking for effective hacks to make designing your products easier, you might want to tap into a thing called design psychology which is a combination of several disciplines such as human interaction, design, and human behavior. These psychological factors can impact the design of your product and it could help you hack it to your advantage and create better performing experiences for your products.

The common hack from design psychology is the “that must be nice because it looks good” approach because users tend to lack the technical understanding of design, and will judge the product for how it appears aesthetically to them. This is a very well-known phenomenon and the emotional factors that govern users to make these conclusions can be anything from favorite colors and patterns to any other aspect that can catch the eye of your users.

If you’re looking to make designing your products easier make sure you consider these four effective hacks to help you through. The creative process can be quite an undertaking and a couple of quick tips and hacks can go a long way. They will also help you stay more focused and can offer quality parts and ideas to help you out.