Effective and Smart Ways You Can Drive Traffic To Your eCommerce Website

Running an eCommerce business is one of today’s smartest choices. On a small scale, you can run them from your own home and turn a tidy profit without too much legwork. As you grow, you could end up running a multinational company, shipping items worldwide. Just look at Amazon!Shopping Online

But, it’s not always the easiest and quickest climb to the top of the tree. Sometimes, you can find yourself desperate for sales, wondering how you can get yourself more customers. Well, in this article we are going to try to help ease those worries with a few top tips on driving new traffic and customers to your eCommerce website.

Google Shopping Ads

Open up your browser and search for a product on Google. What do you notice? Nowadays, ads for Google shopping appear above any other results. Google has decided to really push its shopping links to the very forefront of every search results page, meaning ads now jump above any other link. So, if you’re selling products online, it’s time to get yourself some Google shopping ads.

You may have used other tactics such as SEO (more on that later) to get yourself visible online, but these shopping ads now take the top tier. The real benefit is that they also include imagery of what you are selling, meaning you can attract customers with a simple image, price, and description. Easy. With these ads, you pay-per-click, much like other Google ad services, and it’s relatively easy to set up. We recommend getting on this ASAP.

Search Engine Optimization

Now, as we’ve said, shopping links tend to take the top spot these days, but SEO is still very important. Some people will still cruise straight past those shopping links and try to delve a little deeper into a shop, brand, or website. So, you still want to try and use SEO to get yourself to the top of each search engine results page. There are a few tactics around SEO, mostly involving creating many natural backlinks to your page, buried in quality content on great blog sites, so Google’s bots see a nice web of links to your page. You can do this yourself but it is often recommended to hire a specialist company for this sort of thing as they will be able to get content out quickly, with well thought out links, and get it on good sites to make this backlinking look natural.Apps View

Social Media Tips

One of the biggest ways of marketing an eCommerce business nowadays is, of course, social media. Through Instagram, Facebook, and all the other social platforms, there are literally billions of customers waiting to see your product. But, with so many platforms and marketing techniques, what are the best ways to actually drive traffic to your business? We’ve got a couple of social tips for you below:

  1. Sell On Socials

Many platforms now have shopping integration. Instagram, for example, allows you to highlight products within posts and create links directly to sales pages within or outside of Instagram. This is a great way to catch people’s attention and drive them directly to your site or point of sale.

  1. Competitions

Running competitions such as viral giveaways is a very clever way to gain traction and drive traffic on socials. With a viral giveaway, for example, you encourage people to like, comment on, and share your post to be in with a chance of winning. This means your brand’s image and competition get shared and re-shared, showing more people your site and potentially driving more sales.

  1. Engagement

It’s also important, whether selling or sharing, to properly engage with your followers on social media. Studies have shown you retain more customers and make more sales if you genuinely interact with people online, rather than simply try to sell without ever responding.

  1. Influencers

Finally, the use of influencers is huge in driving traffic and marketing these days. Find online influencers who are aligned with your brand and reach out to them with an offer – usually free products and/or a fee. They will share their thoughts on your product with their highly engaged following and generate more natural traffic to your eCommerce page.

With these simple tips, both on and off social media, you’ll be able to start generating more traffic to your eCommerce site quickly. We all know more profit means more sales, too! So, give them all a go as soon as possible, we are sure you won’t regret it. Good luck with expanding your eCommerce business.