Does MOZ DA PA strategy really improve your search rankings?

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Many people think that they can improve the rankings on the search engine by increasing the domain authority.

They work on the tactics that can make their website authorized. But one thing that they forget to do is they don’t give much attention to the quality of the text they are uploading.

We all know that domain authority is a crucial thing that is counted while increasing the worth of your website.

But only this factor can’t help you to gain traffic on the page as you also need to improve the quality of the text.

This is possible when you make the content SEO better because it will help to keep your audience engaged.

You need to make the content unique and attractive with your ideas instead of using low-quality text and just increasing the DA.

Does domain authority help to improve the SERP?

Domain authority is the factor that only tells the worth of a page. It tells the score on a 100 scale that is calculated upon different factors.

This factor was first introduced by MOZ and all the other domain authority checker tools use the APIs of this platform to calculate the authority of the site.

People just use this factor to know that at what position they are standing and how they can improve the value of their site.

But if you are willing to get rankings based on domain authority, you are wrong here because google will not see the worth of your website.

It gives ratings depending upon the quality of the content that you have used in the article. Domain Authority is only a small factor that can be helpful for you here.

To improve the SERP, you need to generate unique content that is easy for a reader to read and understand.

What are the factors that can help to increase search engine rankings?

There are numerous factors that a webmaster needs to follow before uploading a new article. These steps can lead your article to the top of the page.

Here we will give you some simple tips that are essential to follow before writing an article and publishing it on the search engine.

·       Make the content unique

The first and most important thing that you all have to remember is that the content should be unique for the audience.

Before starting the article, you have to get ideas from multiple sources and pen down the important lines on a separate page.

After that, present those ideas in your own words so that the factor of plagiarism can be removed easily from the article.

You can also use the paraphrasing tool to generate unique articles that rewrite the articles and make them 100% different from the original one.

·       Make the SEO better

One more factor that you all need to know is that the articles you publish on the website should be optimized.

That means you have to generate content free of errors. The lines in the article should be short and informative.

Moreover, use the relevant image in the article that can discuss the topic. This technique makes the content more attractive and easier to understand for a reader.

·       Get backlinks from good sites

Google likes this factor if any high authority website is promoting your page and giving you the backlinks.

So, you need to take the backlinks from such websites that are already ranked on the search engine due to providing quality content to the audience.

You can check the domain authority of sites using da pa checker and filter the sites where you can get a backlink.

·       Increase the page loading speed

Website speed is a crucial factor that can help to get more audience on the page and keep your page on the top of the list.

If the speed of your site is slow, nobody will wait there to keep the content loading. Instead, they will move to another page where they can get the same thing.

To keep your audience engaged and make the SEO better, it is needed to improve the speed of your website page.

·       Upload the content regularly

You can’t improve ratings on the search engine if you are regularly uploading the articles on your website.

Google takes such pages on the last of the list and promotes consistent sites. So, you have to upload content on the page regularly without any delay.

Don’t let your audience wait long for new content or else they will find new pages to seek knowledge.

Keep your readers updated all the time as this will have a positive impact on the rankings of search engines and you will soon lead the chart.

·       Provide quality content to the users

Quality is the most important thing that every person sees before using a thing. The same is in the case of websites that get rankings upon the quality of content.

Google crawlers look for the quality of content that is uploaded and give ratings upon this factor. If the quality is not better the chances of leading SERP will be very low.

So, the most important thing that you all need to follow is that your article should be according to the Google policies that can be liked by readers.

·       Make it mobile-friendly

You often have witnessed that some websites work very fast on the desktop but their working on mobile phones and tablets is not up to the mark.

This is not a thing that you can ignore while promoting your content. The audience is your asset and you have to make them happy on every platform.

Your page should be compatible with every platform whether someone is using it on a mobile phone or tablet or laptop.

You have to satisfy the readers with every possible thing that you can. This will lead them to stay their long and leave a good impression on the search engine.

·       Healthy headings

The headings of your topic should be attractive that can get the attention of new readers quite easily.

On the search engine, your website is also ranked based on headings that you are using in H1, H2, and H3.

Readers get an idea from here that what they are going to learn from that section and they don’t have to struggle more for getting to the main theme of the content.

So, always use attractive headlines that can keep your audience engaged and force them to love your article.

Final words

If you are trying to get better rankings just by improving the domain authority, you are doing wrong because only this tactic can’t help you to improve the SERP.

Domain authority is only a small factor that tells the position of your website and the things that can make it more worthy.

It is nothing more than it. To improve your rankings and give tough time to the other competitors, you all need to generate optimized content.

This is possible if you are making the content free of duplication and improving the quality of content. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain and you can’t improve the ratings on the search engine.