Do You Want to Establish a Successful Career in the Networking Field? Explore the Main Benefits of CompTIA Network+ Certification via Practice Tests!

CompTIA Network+ is a vendor-neutral, entry-level certification widely acknowledged by the IT industry. It equips the technicians with the knowledge and skills required to work in IT infrastructure. This certificate serves as a validation of your competency in network troubleshooting, configuration network cabling, subnetting, and network operation. Besides that, it proves your understanding of the technologies related to virtualization and Cloud. Before deciding to earn this certification, you should know whether you can benefit from it or not. In this post, we will discuss some important things to consider before going for the Network+ certificate.

What Is CompTIA Network+ Certification?

The Network+ certification is intended for those individuals who are looking to establish or advance their careers as computer network professionals. These are the practitioners who have sufficient expertise to handle all the issues related to networks, including security, traffic, and functionality. They are capable of diagnosing the cause of network problems, testing and securing the privacy of networks, as well as maintaining industry standards and protocols. The professionals pursuing this CompTIA certificate are recommended to have from 9 to 12 months of practical networking experience.

Another requisite for obtaining the CompTIA Network+ certification is the N10-007 exam. The qualifying test contains 90 questions that are to be completed by the students within 90 minutes. These questions are presented in three formats: performance-based, drag and drop, and multiple choice. To become eligible for the certificate, the candidates are required to gain the pass mark not less than 720 on a scale of 100-900.

Why Is CompTIA Network+ Beneficial for Your Career Growth?

There are several reasons why the IT practitioners want to get certified with this vendor. Find out the main benefits of this certification below:

  • It Enhances Your Resume

The employers and hiring managers usually give preference to the job applicants holding the IT certifications from the renowned vendors. Adding the CompTIA Network+ certificate to your resume increases your chances of getting the desired job.

· It Improves Your Career Opportunities

Some positions in the IT industry are only available to the professionals holding the CompTIA Network+ certificate. Being certified may enable you to get employed by the companies with high requirements for certain job titles.

· It Increases Your Credibility Among Your Peers

The holders of the CompTIA Network+ certification have proved themselves as the true professionals in the area of IT networks. They are proficient in solving network-related problems and possess a significant amount of technical experience. Having this certificate under your belt demonstrates to your peers that you have outstanding expertise in your field.

· It Gives You Opportunities for Further Education

To maintain your CompTIA Network+ certification, you can enroll for the continuing education program. The vendor offers a wide range of courses that you can take to meet the recertification requirements. By keeping yourself informed on the latest trends in the IT industry, you will continue to make yourself a more valuable employee.

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Are you still wondering if the CompTIA Network+ certification is right for you? If you want to land one of the most in-demand jobs in the networking field and get a decent salary, then this is definitely the case.