Do It Yourself: A Guide To Making Your Own Marketing


Marketing is one of the most important parts of your business, but it can sometimes be the hardest to get right. Add to this difficulty the price tag for outsourcing your advertising and you have one huge hurdle to clear.

There is one obvious way to work around these issues and that is by creating your own marketing. Anyone new to this concept may already be scratching their heads so let’s get into it. This article aims to show you just how easy it can be to create your own marketing and show you how to make an advertisement.

Why Create Your Own Marketing

A good marketing campaign should seek to inform your target audience about what exactly your business does, and provide reasons for them to use your service. Who knows the most about these two things? That’s right, you do.

You could pass your advertising duties off to another company and have them try to capture your message, but it won’t necessarily be to your precise specifications. It is normal for some things to get lost in translation, and one thing you don’t want to get confused is your core message.

 By keeping your marketing in house, you can oversee every stage of the process to ensure that this core message gets across, along with everything else you need to demonstrate.

Another reason for making your own marketing is because it reduces costs. This factor is especially helpful if you are starting a new business. Outsourcing your production adds costs that you might not want to give up early. Therefore, creating your own marketing is cheaper, giving you the chance to put that money elsewhere.

What You Will Need To Make Your Own Marketing

The specific tools that you will need to create your own marketing will often depend on what type of marketing you wish to use. The best place to start is with graphic design.

The ability to create art on a computer should not be overlooked in the digital age, and you will be shocked at just how often you will need the help of a graphic designer. Good graphic design can help you make posters, billboard art, digital ads for social media and viral campaigns. These advertising options are the most prevalent forms of marketing in this age, so it is a good idea to strike here first.

You will also need a way to communicate with your audience. This can mean conducting your own research about the behavior patterns of the target audience you wish to reach. It takes time, but knowing where your audience absorbs most of their media is the best way to learn where to advertise your business. For example, a younger demographic is more likely to encounter ads online, whereas an older audience is probably still receiving advertisements on the T.V or radio.

That is why a research team is key to making your own marketing.

How To Make Your Own Marketing

The best place to start when creating your own marketing is knowing where your business is currently. You should only inform your target audience of what you can do, not what you plan to offer in future.

Secondly, use your key research to learn where best to find your target audience and decide what you want them to know. Try to boil your service down to just the key points so as not to overwhelm them with too much information.

Next, find out what outcome you want to achieve with your marketing. Are you working toward a sales goal? or Are you interested in diverting internet traffic toward your site? Are you simply trying to become a familiar brand? These goals should be clearly defined before you start your marketing project.

The last step is actually using the tools you have to create your ad campaign. This step will involve working with your creative team to find out how best to relay the information you wish to get across with as little effort as possible. It is a learning process so try to start out small. Subtlety is the key to good marketing, and your design staff will be well versed in the subject. However, if you are ever in need of more help you can always use Decibel ads. It is always good to have a secret weapon on hand, so it might benefit you to look at what you can achieve by using this service.


The idea of creating your own marketing can be daunting to start out with, but by getting into the process early, you start to save your company money in the long run. What’s more, this knack for advertising can prove to be another notch in your bow. Soon, everyone will be looking to find out how you created such a successful marketing campaign, and there is no sweeter response than knowing that you did it yourself.