How to Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10?

how to Disable Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the browsing application of Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. In this post, you will learn, how to disable windows defender permanently and temporarily. When you restart the computer, windows defender will automatically turn on. You can turn off windows defender permanently from windows registry files.

How to Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10?

Windows Defender is the inbuilt security software for windows 10. It will protect your computer from virus, malware or threats that will come with an external device. It will provide the best security for external devices. Because it has limited features, so it can’t remain updated. That’s why it is not good for internet savvy person.

Disabling Windows Defender leads to vulnerability. Your system is now unsafe and virus, malware can attack easily. Follow the steps carefully of the registry editor. Because any wrong change can damage your windows operating system. Read and Follow the procedure carefully.

Steps to Turn off  Windows Defender

  1. Click on Windows logo at the bottom left side of the screen. The start menu will appear.
  2. Click on settings icon available left side in the menu. Setting windows will open now.
  3. Click on Update Security icon available at the bottom row.
  4. Now, click on Windows Security option available at the upper side.
  5. Click on virus and threat protection, it will open windows defender window. It is the second option available below the “Protection Areas. ”
  6. In the Middle of the page, you will find the available option to disable windows defender.
  7. Disable windows defender real-time protection, Click on the blue option available at the middle. It will ask for the permission click on ok.  It will now disable windows defender on windows 10 temporarily. When you restart your computer, windows defender real-time security will automatically start again.

But if you want to turn off windows defender permanently, then you can do it from the windows registry editor. But I recommend you to use the steps carefully or take help of a technician. So, you can easily turn off windows defender permanently. Don’t perform any wrong task/step because it can corrupt your windows files.

Turning off windows defender is not much hard, but you need to proceed carefully with the steps. A single wrong step can corrupt your windows registry file. So, you can get help from a Microsoft technician. He will take care of your computer and turn off windows security for you.

Steps to Disable Windows Defender

  1. Click on windows logo appears at the left side of windows. Start Will will appear on the screen.
  2. Now, open registry file editor, you can find it by typing regedit in the search box. Now click on Regedit icon from the list, allow the permission. This allows the user to make changes with the Windows operating system’s core file.
  3. Open Windows Defender folder.  You can find the location of windows defender by expanding the folder available left side menu.
  4. Expand the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” folder by double-clicking it (skip this step if the folder is already expanded).
  5. Expand the “SOFTWARE” folder.
  6. Scroll down and expand the “Policies” folder.
  7. Expand the “Microsoft” folder.
  8. Click once the “Windows Defender” folder.
  9. Now right click on windows defender folder. A List of drop-down menu will appear.
  10. Click on New (Second Option)
  11. Click on “DWORD Value” this will open a menu.
  12. Enter “DisableAntiSpyware” as the file name. When the DWORD file appears, type in DisableAntiSpyware and then press ↵ Enter.
  13. Open the “DisableAntiSpyware” DWORD file. Double-click it to do so. A pop-up window will open.
  14. Replace the “Value data” number with 1. This essentially turns on the DWORD value.
  15. Now, click on “OK”
  16. Reboot your system. These steps will disable windows defender on windows 10 permanently.

Microsoft Defender Support Number

If you are not a technical person, then you need to contact Microsoft Windows Defender support phone number.  The technician will check for the problem and help you to disable windows defender on windows 10. The technicians are Microsoft certified and experienced person. That is available round the clock to help the technicians.

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