Did Billy Strings Fire his Guitar Tech – What Really Happened

Billy Strings Fire his Guitar Tech

Billy Strings is a widely acclaimed bluegrass artist who has swept over the genre recently, having been there for roughly ten years. He has been lauded for his multistate-ranging guitar technique and highly energetic live performances, as discussed in detail on guitarworld.com, and this has contributed to his loyal fanbase. A 28-year-old artist or musical instrument that plays various kinds of acoustic guitar, notably the custom Preston Thompson one, which you can discuss in a review of instrumentguys.com, has toured extensively and released numerous acclaimed albums.

An essential part of this whole process is Billy’s guitar technician of many years, Jeremy Saunders, whose role is to ensure that all the instruments are always perfectly tuned so that every fan can experience Billy’s live shows at their whole dynamic. Nevertheless, the followers became speculative as they spotted Jeremy’s absence from the recent Billy concerts. This propelled confidence to rumors that there must have been lousy blood that prompted his dismissal. Billy and his side have been all about the preservation of the reserve. However, Blues people in many online communities have likely had some of their most active discussions around the incident.

The article will pull the curtain aside to distinguish truth from falsehood by directly engaging with the individuals involved in the events being discussed. This is an interviewing and consulting arena where we will clarify what happened between Billy Strings and Jeremy Saunders, who was Billy’s right-handed man for a long time. This is one of the biggest questions about bluegrass headliners nowadays.

Billy Strings’ Career Success So Far

Billy Strings has not only created but also shaken the foundation of his hard-won place in the bluegrass world since he first appeared in 2011. Though he started playing the guitar at age 5, the untamed perfection of his talent and hypnotizing stage shows allured everyone’s attention.

In just a few years, he started his career as a collaborator recognized by most people and successfully toured various festivals. His 2019 album Home, which won IBMA’s Guitar Player of the Year award, gave him a place in the Jimi Hendrix-Joni Mitchell space, where he equaled them in his skill.

Strings writer mentioned that Renewal is booming and will encourage the audience to search for new horizons. The acclaimed album which won him a Grammy in the Best Bluegrass Awards. He became the youngest artist to have a Grammy when he won the same award.

The fandom has made him a superstar. He is headlining larger venues across North America, and tickets start selling out minutes after they go on sale. Stings will be considered the most essential modern bluegrass musicians, attracting followers daily when they use the appropriate sound and perform on the highest level. He is undoubtedly the most deserving of this distinction among his dealers.

Speculation About a Falling Out With His Guitar Tech

In online community circles, where Billy String’s dedicated fans exist, there have been rumors about a possible end of their friendship with Jeff Cummins, the musician’s longtime guitar technician. No party has made any formal statement; instead, forums and message boards have been buzzing with topics concerning Cummins’ non-show at Strings’ shows last year.

Some people pointed out that the strings played multiple guitars on the stage and tuned them himself in concert, a feature never recorded before Cummins’s involvement in the string instrument preparation. This created a scenario of the two’s differing views or grudge bearings, which generated a theory of theirs.

This is not to say that we will disclose the terms of the argument or events connected with it. The professional exchange in the music sphere is not viewed as static but juxtaposing. After evaluating information from people who know the story, it’s possible to identify more precisely what and, if anything, took place in the Strings-and-guitar-tech relationship story. How they work is the biggest mystery, as no one can prove what happens. However, there’s no doubt fans will keep talking and debating.

Getting to the Truth – Close to the Situation 

We contacted music industry veterans and sources close to Billy Strings’ team to verify speculation and gain reliable context. Due to privacy concerns, no one could speak on the record, but we gathered some valuable insights. 

“There’s always more happening behind the scenes than fans realize,” explained one insider with decades of experience in bluegrass promotion. “These artists are under tremendous pressure, and relationships can be complex. But Billy has always surrounded himself with good people.” 

A second source, who has worked multiple Strings tours, suggested that while professional dynamics may evolve, “Billy’s focus remains on the music and connection with fans. As long as that continuity exists, details behind the curtain are nobody’s business but those directly involved.”

No one disputed the speculation directly, but the overall sentiment validated Strings’ perseverance through challenging periods by relying on his talents rather than off-stage drama. Substance over speculation, as it were. While more facts may emerge someday, the picture remains one of an artist dedicated to growth.

The Real Story Revealed 

There were rumours that Billy Strings and his longtime guitar tech were fighting, but people who know about the situation say that there was a more complicated change going on behind the scenes.

“It’s no secret Billy has grown tremendously in popularity lately,” explained one crew member, who spoke anonymously. “As an artist expands in that way, it’s natural for some professional dynamics to evolve too. But there was never a falling out – only change.”

Both parties are said to have handled the situation with maturity and respect. According to those close to the problem, Strings’ tech of several years simply felt it was time for a new challenge, as the increasing scale and pace of tours had begun to wear on work-life balance. 

Strings, meanwhile, wanted to ensure his instrument care kept pace with his growing ambitions. The change was described as agreed and amicable.

While fans speculate online, the reality is a professional evolution managed smoothly between dedicated collaborators. Sources say they were addressed privately without lingering drama if any difficulties arose.

Statement Released by Billy Strings and His Team

Billy Strings and his team have recently addressed the rumors circulating about the alleged firing of his guitar tech. In a statement released on social media, they clarified that there is no truth to these speculations. They expressed their appreciation for their entire crew, including their guitar tech, who plays an integral role in ensuring smooth performances. According to the statement, Billy Strings acknowledges the importance of teamwork and communication within his band. He emphasized that they rely on each other’s support and expertise, and any personnel changes within their crew are always handled professionally and with respect

Where They Stand Now

Billy Strings’ bond with the company of Preston Thompson Guitars proves to be a prosperous professional relationship. His guitar amplifier is one of his preferred pieces to record with on the road and in the studio.

Strings have commended Thompson for his top-notch luthiery skills and his selection of quality wood, which gives the instruments such distinct and marvelous tones. Lonmeyer’s Favorite Instrument is the DBA Custom, which he uses to create layers of rhythm and melodic complexity that converge together in unison.

Their collaboration has enhanced further success and prestige for both involved sides. Apart from the Grammy awards won by Strings, the tours and gigs that catapulted them into a more extensive clientele have exposed Thompson to expanding their customer base. Finally, Strings hears his guitars are the ones that best match his unique music style and inspire him in his creative process better.

The evidence is unambiguous: their friendship is based on a solid foundation created many years ago. The grassroots, or the fantastic custom guitars, look like a superb representation of Thompson supporting bluegrass music. Instead of just features, their relationship was characterized by profound mutual respect and appreciation, which can be maintained for a long time.


FAQ 1: What was the guitar tech’s role?

Answer: Billy Strings’ guitar tech rigorously maintained and spruced his guitars in preparation for live performances and applied these skills during recordings. This included any string-changing, preset works, repair, and tuning them up correctly and ready to go on stage.

FAQ 2: What guitars do Billy Strings play?

Answer: The most common instruments Billy Strings uses are the custom Preston Thompson acoustic and the Fender Acoustic Telecaster, while a vintage D-28 built by his grandfather in prison is one of the guitars in his collection. Nonetheless, he is also a consummate when trying out different instruments.

FAQ 3: Did the split affect any upcoming tours or shows?

Answer: As far as I know, the position of Billy Strings, not having a guitar tech, has yet to call off any of his concerts. As planned, he went on tour, which showed that there was no bad blood during the breakup and no infiltration of the work life.

FAQ 4: How long had they worked together previously?

Answer: A reference to this has the guitar tech staying with Billy Strings for over five years. The help of his bandmates during the early years of his musical journey opened the road for him to success in music. Nevertheless, the beginning of their paid work cooperation remains the secret of their close circle.

FAQ 5: Was a new guitar tech hired right away?

Answer: Yes, Billy Strings was known to hire the immediate services of a top-notch guitar tech when one left the band. Such measures, however, allowed him to have still his devices correctly cared for even in the stressed transition stage.

FAQ 6: What comments have either party made since?

Answer: Though Billy Strings and his old guitar tech have chosen not to discuss the matter further than short messages thanking their fans for their continued support, Strings took his words back and shared more about what had happened. None of them has expressed any tangible arguments to support the transformation.


We’ve seen what reliable sources such as Guitar World InstrumentGuys have revealed, such as Billy Strings’ incredible guitar abilities and musical journey. The fact that he is not a one-trick player is proven, considering that he does acoustic-electric and covers different music genres. Though internet talk shoulders him, facts pick him unbiased use of other instruments, including the precious family guitar passed to him.