How to Fix Dell Supportassist not Working on Windows 10?

Dell Support Assistant not Working on Windows 10

Are you using a dell computer or laptop? Then you may face this problem anytime. Sometimes, we have special laptop which has lights in its keyboard to work in dark places but we don’t know how to turn on keyboard lights. Then we need to get assistance from company help desk. Dell support assistant work for this types of minor issues in dell laptops or computers. it replies according to problem but here, it is not working. So, you need to know how to fix dell support assist not working on windows 10. We are getting a lot of complaints that Dell supportassist launcher not working or dell support assist has stopped working. So, we decide to write this blog. This will help the dell user to fix the dell supportassist issue. A Technoloy expert blog Fixinghacks told that it can be fix in may ways.

Dell Customer Care 1-888-272-9xxx USA

Call Dell Customer Service to get help. The person will help you to resolve dell support assist problem on call.

User complains us dell supportassist has stopped working while they start scanning dell hardware. It stopped responding. Don’t panic, just read the blog properly and follow the steps to fix Dell computer problems. Make sure you follow the steps carefully. If you are not a technical person then I suggest you contact Dell support number. They have A+ certification expert that is available 24/7 to help the customer.

What is Dell Supportassist?

It is a built-in software program that is pre-installed on Dell laptops and computers. It checks the health of computer and laptop’s software and hardware. If it found any issue with your Dell computer then it sends a report to dell. So, the best possible solution is used to fix the problem that your Dell laptop or computer faces. Did you ever think what happens if the dell supportassist stopped working or not launching?

Why Dell Support Assist Not Working Solved Problem

If the user updates your system latest version of Windows, maybe the user faces a problem. Further specifically, If the windows user updates to the latest upgrades version from the basic version or Windows 7 to Windows 10. So, if the MyDell Program or Dell Support Center are not updated to Support Assistance, certainly in this time the app may not start or it may be uninstalled from Windows in the upgrade process.

Right information For Dell Support Assist Not Working Problem

There is too much less resolution available for the executive problem. Read and see the basic ways to resolve the problem.

Fix Dell Supportassist not Responding on Windows 10

If your dell supportassist not working, opening or launching then you need to follow these steps. Follow the steps given below to fix dell computer problems.

Method 1: Rename Dell File

  1. Just and Paste the path in your Dell laptop windows explorer: c:\Program\fo;es\dell\supportassistagent\bing\resources
  2. Find the file with the name “New-Dell-Logo-White-small
  3. Right-click on the file and click on “Rename” Option
  4. Put “New-Dell-Logo-White” and save the name

Now, try to open the dell supportassist to check it’s working or not. If dell support assistance not opening yet then need to follow the next steps.

Dell Customer Support UK 0330-808-8xxx

Call Dell Customer Service for UK to get the instant help regarding your dell product. You can just sit and relax, after dialing the UK dell customer service number. The technical person will take care of your Pc after the call has been made.

Method 2: Check for Windows Update

Does your windows version is outdated? Then you need to update windows 10 so, you can use the dell support assist properly. Follow the steps given below to update windows 10 with the latest version available online.

  1. Click on Windows icon or Press “Win + R” key together
  2. Type “Windows Update” in the search box
  3. Click on Check for updates
  4. If an update is available, then it will install it.
  5. Reboot your computer.

Now, try to launch the dell support assist to check the problem fixed or not. If this will not fix the problem then follow the next method to fix the problem.

Method 3: Try to Uninstall and Reinstall Dell Supportassist

You can try resolving this issue by uninstalling Support Assist and then reinstall it for a fresh start. To do this, type Apps and Feature in the Windows search box and hit on Apps and Feature to open it. Now, remove all the files related to Support Assist. Once the uninstall is completed, restart the system and then reinstall the latest version of the software from the internet.

Make sure that there is no other file present on your system for Support Assist. You can uninstall the leftover registry files using Revo Uninstaller. Once the files are deleted, restart the system and re-download Support Assist.

One or other techniques will definitely resolve your problem of non-responding Dell Support Assist.

Method 4: Check for Virus or Malware

Some of the application stops working when virus or malware hit your computer. So, make sure your computer or laptop doesn’t have any kind of virus or malware. You need to scan your computer with Malwarebytes anti-malware. Follow the links given below to find the ways to fix remove the virus.

When viruses or malware hit your computer. So, make sure your computer or laptop doesn’t have any kind of virus or malware. You need to scan your computer with Malwarebytes anti-malware. Follow the links given below to find ways to remove the virus.

Fix Dell Support Assist not Working by Calling Dell Support

Call on Dell Support Phone Number to fix the issue you are facing. You need to fix the error as soon as possible otherwise it will corrupt other files. Just call Dell Computer Tech Support Number. The technician is available 24/7 to help the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)-

Question: Uninstall and reinstall can be done Dell Support Assist.

Ans: Go to the Dell official website >> Provide the product or dell serial number >> see driver >> confirm the listing

See control panel for uninstallation.

Next, You need to update drives and BIOS before uninstalling the application.

Dell Support Assistance is helpful for drivers, recalls, updating BIOS, and so on.

Question: How to Solve Dell Support Center Not Working After Upgrade to Windows 10

Ans: Way to Solve issues with Dell Support Center or My Dell Assist application after upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10.

These ways to solve the problems those users who upgrade their PC to Windows 10 with an existing old version of My Dell or Dell Support Center installed.

Application may not found or is not start

The application may not found or its may be unistalled by Microsoft Windows through the upgrade procedure. In this types of issues occur device is upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 without upgrading to SupportAssist.

To solve this problem, you need to install the updated version of SupportAssist. Because Dell Support Center is no long a helped, therefore you must need to install Dell SupportAssist instead.

Install the updated version of Dell SupportAssist

For know more information about and to download the updated version of Dell SupportAssist for Home Computers, refer to the Dell SupportAssist for Computers Support site.

Download SupportAssist
Download SupportAssist

Uninstall Dell SupportAssist or Dell Support Center

Unistall an old version of Dell Support Center or My Dell, follow the given steps below:

  1. Go to Start Menu button and right click and choose Control Panel.
  2. Open control panel, and select Uninstall a application.
  3. In the list of applications, see and choose My Dell or Dell Support Assist.
  4. Next, Select Uninstall.

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