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6 Ways to Fix Dell Error Code 0146 on Computer & Laptop

Today, I am explaining here about common dell pc problems. That user face while working on a Dell computer or laptop. Sometimes, the user faces the error “DELL Error Code 2000-0146” that freezes your computer and prevents the software from running. When you encounter dell error code 0146 then, your system applications do not respond correctly.

There are many issues that cause the problem; some of them are as corrupted windows files, computer infected with a virus, slow pc, hard drive issue and many more. The logs of dell error were indicated on the hard drive that causes hard drive issues.

Do not worries, if you are also facing dell error code 0146; we at Mygeekshelp try our best to help the users? Just follow the given steps to fix Dell error code 2000-0146.

How to Fix Dell Error Code 0146 on Computer or Laptop?

6 best ways to troubleshoot the problems are given below. Just follow them step by step and don’t miss any step. Because, if you miss any of step that can lead to windows corruption. If you are not a technical person, then hire a technician to fix the problem for you. The technician has the expertise and solves these kinds of problems daily.

  1. Run Full System Scan
  2. Run Disk Checkup
  3. Fix Windows Registry Issues
  4. Run PSA Problem Diagnostics
  5. Setup BIOS Settings
  6. Restore System using Safe Mode

Method 1: Run Full system scan using Windows Defender

Sometimes, the virus creates the problem in Dell computer. So, you need to scan your computer for virus or malware. You need to scan and remove all the possible virus files or applications that are installed on your computer. You can use any of the antivirus software like Norton antivirus, Mcafee antivirus, Malwarebytes, etc. There is a build in antivirus software on windows 10 that named as windows defender. Follow the steps given below to scan your computer using windows defender antivirus.

  1. Click on the Windows start button
  2. Type “Defender” in it and hit enter
  3. Now, Double click on Windows Defender icon to open it
  4. Click on Windows Defender Shield Icon in the left side pane
  5. A Windows will open, Now click on “Advanced Scan” Option
  6. Click on full Scan to Remove virus or malware from Dell Computer

After the complete system scan, a list of virus found on dell computer will appear. Now, Click on “Remove” or “Delete” option. This will remove the virus from a Dell computer. Now, check the problem is or not. In most cases, dell error code 0146 is fixed after removing the virus from pc.

We suggest you use some premium antivirus software like Norton, McAfee, Malwarebytes or PC Matic. They will completely remove virus or malware from windows or mac system. You should use PC Matic antivirus, it is the best antivirus software of 2019.

Method 2: Run Disk Cleanup

Next method to fix dell error code 0146 is to run a complete disk check. Disk cleanup is a windows application that will remove all the temporary files and free up space in hard drive. When you use Disk Cleanup then it will remove all the unnecessary files from your Disk.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to fix dell error code 2000-0146. Follow the procedure step by step to use windows disk cleanup utility.

  1. Click on Windows Start Button
  2. Now, Enter “Disk Cleanup” hit enter
  3. Click on “Disk Cleanup” appears in the list
  4. Run it
  5. Wait until Disk Cleanup Scan your Dell Computer
  6. When finished, check the “Temporary Files Option” and Click on Ok to Delete

This is will fix the problem you are facing with Dell Computer. If you are still facing the problem, then you can proceed to method 3. Or you can call on Dell Support Number and ask them for help. Dell has Microsoft certified technicians who are available 24/7 to help you. Just call on Dell Customer Service 1-888-272-9xxx toll-free number.

Method 3: Repair Windows Registry Files

Windows Registry files are the base of windows operating system. So, before proceeding make sure you have knowledge about that. A Single mistake can damage the Dell computer. If you are not a technical person get help from Microsoft certified technician. Call Dell Customer Care Number 1-888-272-9xxx.

The simplest and easiest way to repair windows registry files is to download CCleaner. It is the best junk file removal tool. Otherwise, you can use Microsoft system file checker to find the corrupted system file. This Microsoft utility application will check the system files. If it finds any corrupted files, then it will repair them. Follow the steps given below to run SFC scan on windows 7, 8 or 10 PC.

  1. Click on the windows start button
  2. Type “cmd” in the search box and hit enter
  3. Right click on command prompt in the list
  4. Click on run as administrator
  5. Enter sfc/scannow command
  6. Wait until scanning finished.
  7. Reboot your PC.
  8. All the corrupted files will be replaced on reboot

Method 4: Run PSA Diagnostics

PSA is the inbuilt utility of Dell computer to diagnose the problem. This will help you to scan the issue like dell error code 0146 and fix it. It can fix any dell computer problem related to the software part. Below are the steps through which you can start PSA diagnostics:

  1. Reboot your Dell computer
  2. Hit F12 key of the keyboard until Dell logo appears.
  3. Wait for the “One Time Boot” Menu
  4. Press the “Down Arrow” key of your keyword to select “PSA Diagnostic
  5. Press Enter Button
  6. Now, PSA will automatically start. Just follow the on-screen prompts to solve the problem.

Method 5: Reset BIOS Settings:

BIOS update can help you to fix dell pc error code 0146. BIOS contain the system settings which maintain the pc performance and functionality. You need to reset BIOS Settings to default state, so your Dell computer starts functioning.

Follow the steps to reset dell computer bios settings to default state:

  1. Reboot your Dell Computer
  2. Press F2 key until a system setup screen will not open
  3. Press “Right” Arrow to move until “Exit” is highlighted
  4. Now, Press “Down” arrow to select “Load Optimization Defaults” option
  5. Press Enter Button

Method 6: Restore Dell Computer in Safe Mode

Restoring Dell Computer to the default values can help to fix the problem. In Safe Mode, Windows operating system loads with only necessary files. It is also known as a diagnostic mode of windows operating system. Restore your Dell computer in safe mode to default or at any certain point. Follow the steps given below to start the system in safe mode:

  1. Reboot your Computer
  2. Select “Run in Safe Mode” then press “Enter”
  3. Click on the start button
  4. Type “System Restore” in the search box and press enter
  5. Follow the on-screen steps to select the restore point
  6. Wait until the process finished
  7. Reboot your pc

Dell Computer Expert

If you follow all the steps but still facing the same problem, Then I suggest you contact Dell computer support number. The Technician at Dell support phone number will help you to fix the problem you are facing. Just dial 1-888-272-9xxx toll-free number and ask the technician to help you. Microsoft certified technicians are available 24/7 to help you.

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