How to Delete AOL Account?

As we all know about AOL means we all well-known that AOL is a mailing platform which is we all to use at daily purpose even it has become a very important part of our daily life. But some user wants to cancel AOL account at any cost. But some user gets to know about its deletion but some are not. If you are the same person who wants to remove their AOL but you don’t know about it and you are getting angry thinking about that How to Delete AOL Account? So please don’t get upset. Because if you got reach on our website and now you are reading our article so please first you to be happy because here you will get the answer to your trouble question.

Ways to Cancel AOL Account

It does mean here you will get understand the process of deleting the account of AOL for permanently. We did share all necessary points which can help to remove AOL Mail account easily whatever you do use. If you do use AOL account and now you want to get relief from your account for permanently so after reading our blog you will get understand the way to Cancel AOL account. And you will also get relief from your troubling question that is How to delete AOL account?

delete aol account

AOL technicians are received daily in a majority of messages different-different types like AOL is not opening, AOL is not responding, we are not able to send or receive the emails on AOL account, AOL is not working on application or browser window or we are not getting understand that How to delete AOL account? as like much more query messages received by AOL technicians. And the technicians help at daily bases to their customers.

Steps to Delete AOL Account easily:

  1. First of all, please open your AOL account by application or to use any browser whatever you do use.
  2. Fill up the correct login information (AOL Username and Password) into the box front of their exact name.
  3. Now, click on the button of login, sign in whatever will be there you will see below.
  4. Now, wait for its opening.
  5. When your AOL account will be open perfectly then, you have to go on the option of Manage My Subscription probably that will be showing as a link. In the option of Service on the page of My Account.
  6. If you will have arrived on that option then, you will be deleted your AOL account easily.
  7. Now, you have to select the option of Cancel your AOL account.
  8. Then, it will ask to you fill the reason about that “Why you want to close your account?”
  9. You have to select the answer which will be showing from the listed type.
  10. After, you have to click on the button of Deactivate my account.
  11. When you will push the deactivate button then, it will ask to you for final approval that you want to delete AOL account now.
  12. If you will push on the option of OK, then, your AOL account will delete permanently and you will never get back again your old AOL Email Account.

Cancel AOL Free Account

If you will follow all steps exactly with full concentration and will apply it. So you will be able to full fill your task of canceling your account.

If once you will delete AOL account then, you all saved data and activity whatever you have done during to use your AOL account at that time will remove along with. If you want that your AOL account data remain then for that you have to save your AOL account all data information as a PDF or other file format which you could open in any device anytime in the future.

AOL Email Customer Care

If you are not getting able to cancel AOL account by yourself, in that case, you can call on AOL Customer Care anytime whenever you want. Because AOL Email Support Technicians are available 24*7 for their precious customers. Please take help from the technicians and solve your issue without wasting your valuable time and money both.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)-

Question: How to Delete Your AOL Account

Ans: Here follow the given steps to close your AOL Email account:

  1. Log in to the AOL account end page with your AIM or AOL user id and password.

Note: Before proceeding with the cancellation process, read and understand the termination information.

  1. To cancel your AOL Mail account, choose Continue Delete My Account.
  2. Put your AOL or AIM Mail account address on the confirmation screen.
  3. Select Yes To proceed, click Terminate This Account.
  4. Wait until a notice receive informing your account has been deactivated and is about to be cancelled. Choose Got it to finished the cancellation.

Note: If you do not use your AOL account for 90 days without logging, it may be deactivated and unusable until you reactivate it. After the deleting your account permanently removes your user id and access to your account.

Question: How to Recover your AOL or AIM Mail Account

Ans: If you change your mind within 30 days of deactivating your AOL account, you can reactivate it and use it again.

Note: For account registered in India, Australia, or New Zealand, the total hold period is 90 days. For accounts registered in Hong Kong, Brazil, or Taiwan, the total hold period is 180 days. If you want to reactivate these accounts within the hold period. you can be do it.

  1. Use your old user name and password to log-in into your AIM or AOL Mail account.

Note: To continue signing in, put a text verification code or CAPTCHA test to solve continue.

  1. Enter a New Password by typing it into the New Password area and reenter password it into the Confirm New Password field.
  2. Choose Continue to complete the recovery and entry your email account. Your contacts, calendar events, and folder will also be available.

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