Debunking Math Myths That Keep Parents Away from Math Home Tuition

Ask any Singaporean student to name one subject that they find extremely difficult and chances are they will tell you, mathematics. In reality though, maths and Chinese get to be mentioned back-to-back. But we’re here about mathematics and the assumption that the subject is greatly challenging and must have been created only for scientists. While it is true that many students find it hard to understand maths and get good grades in their maths classes, this is worsened by the existence of numerous misconceptions about the subject, and why many parents are reluctant to get math home tuition in Singapore for their children. To learn more about this, read more about math home tuition here!

These math myths persist to the point of causing math anxiety among students and discouraging parents from getting math home tuition in Singapore. Thus, it is of utmost importance to debunk these myths for the sake of parents and students alike to promote the joy of learning maths.

Not everyone is capable of understanding maths

This is not true. Everyone has the capacity to learn and master maths. However, each person differs in their pace and approach to learning the subject. This is probably the most common myth that hinders students from mastering maths. Many people falsely believe that maths is innate; some are born with the ability to learn maths while others are not. This misconception is further bolstered by the fact that the elite group of students in a classroom always get the top grades in maths. Through the ages, academicians and researchers have proven that this myth is just what it is, a myth. There is no truth to this misconception even if some learners have a natural tendency to quickly memorise formulas and solve equations. Everyone is capable of solving complex maths problems but in their own unique and different ways.

Maths is just pure memorisation

While memorisation is an important aspect of maths, it is not the only end and means to learn math concepts and theories. Developing knowledge and skills to analyse and solve math rules and formulas is not achieved through memorisation alone. Understanding concepts and theories also means applying them to real-life situations. Critical thinking development is needed for maths, not just memorisation. While memorisation helps with formulas, it is always the understanding of such concepts and formulas that ultimately goes hand in hand with learning and solving maths.

Maths cannot be taught through creative fun

This myth is strengthened by classroom teachers who insist on teaching maths using old-school dull and repetitive methods. Many teachers still believe that the only way to teach maths is through a slow and contemplative process. Fun and creativity have no place in teaching maths. This cannot be further from the truth. Private home tutors have shown time after time that you can incorporate fun and exciting ways for students to learn maths.

What needs to be learned is learned in the classrooms

Some parents actually believe that it is unnecessary to get math home tuition for their children because they are already learning the subject in school. Little do they realise that math tutoring can greatly assist in helping students gain better mathematical skills and overcome those difficulties and challenges that start in the classroom. Private home tuition can even assist advanced students get better academy or university standings in the level examinations.

Maths tuition encourages laziness

This is another myth that is so far from the truth. If children become dependent on their home tutor and become lazy to learn, then the same may apply to a teacher in the classroom wherein the student becomes dependent. Math tutors do not encourage their students to be dependent on them. They encourage them to answer maths problems by themselves and inspire them to analyse, develop critical thinking, and self-study to explore more learning.


Maths can seem an intimidating subject at first, but contrary to the myths presented above, everyone can learn in their different ways and pace, and the learning process doesn’t have to be dull. By debunking these myths and knowing the truth, students, and parents can better appreciate the learning of maths and hiring math home tuition in Singapore.

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