Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies: Help for Beginners

cryptocurrency trading

A strategy is what will help you succeed in crypto trading. It is a set of methods and processes to help you maximize your benefits and minimize risks. Detailed market analytics and user sentiment allow you to get the maximum benefit from financial transactions.

You can buy WBT or another token and hold it until the price rises. But it would help if you understood there is no absolute certainty that you can profit. The strategy will help you find the best time to buy and make investing a business that brings income.

Why You Need a Strategy for Crypto Trading

First, you need to understand why you need a strategy for trading cryptocurrency. You can buy and exchange multiple tokens based on your intuition alone. But this does not mean that a similar approach will help next time.

A cryptocurrency trading strategy is needed to:

  • avoid reckless investment;
  • plan your budget properly;
  • get maximum benefit with minimum risk.

A strategy is a well-thought-out plan that will help you multiply your investment. With its help, you will understand what trades should be entered into, when to open a line, and when to close a business with the help of crypto signals as well for example :

Top Four Strategies for Cryptocurrency Trading

An effective financial strategy will help reduce the risks of investing. It keeps you from making rash decisions that will waste your budget. Let’s look at the most popular cryptocurrency trading strategies, suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

One Day Trading

The essence of the day trading cryptocurrency strategy is to profit from daily changes in the value of the cryptocurrency. You buy coins at a low cost in the morning and sell them in the evening when the rate has risen a little. This strategy suits more experienced users, as you need to react quickly to market changes.

The instability of cryptocurrencies allows you to make good profits using a one-day strategy. But it is worth considering that you will have to follow the mood and trends of the market all day long to enter a positive direction.


This strategy is suitable for beginners familiar with the initial trading concepts. The essence of this method is to buy cryptocurrency on one exchange and sell it on another at a higher price. The difference in the exchange rate allows you to get a good profit on the price fluctuations.

With this strategy, it is essential to use the services of trusted exchanges. You can buy and exchange cryptocurrencies on WhiteBIT. It is the largest European exchange that guarantees the safety of tokens and personal information.


For long-term investment, you can use the HODL technique. Unlike the cryptocurrency day trading strategy, you do not need to monitor the market all day and find the right time to sell the token.

The essence of the strategy is to acquire an asset and hold it for yourself until the rate rises significantly. This way, you can avoid losing funds due to an unstable market.


Another long-term trading strategy. In futures trading, investors and brokers enter a contract to buy an asset. It indicates the date of the transaction and the cost of the cryptocurrency. Thus, you can access many purchases without a significant initial investment.

The disadvantage of this method is that the value of an asset in the market can change dramatically. And it must be redeemed at a price indicated in the futures. If the investor turns out to do this, he will not be able to return the interest he paid to confirm the transaction.

How to Choose a Strategy for Trading Cryptocurrency

When choosing a strategy, considering how much time you can devote to trading is worth considering. If you have enough time to monitor the course of the market, you can decide on a one-day strategy. If you do not have such an opportunity, consider the HODL technique or futures trading.

Do not get hung up on one trading strategy. You can use several options at the same time or combine them. To choose the most effective trading option, record and analyze the results. Thanks to this, you can determine the right crypto trading strategy for your request.