Coronavirus – Online Entertainment Tips for Kids


In this period, time at home seems to never go with children … and to support parents who are at work in smart working or grandparents who have to entertain the little ones. We have decided to give some advice about online activities for the children to do. Children who also have a didactic and educational purpose. Here, are some online entertainment tips for kids.


The children’s bookshop   organizes live readings, let’s stay close with the stories! Every morning at 10.30 two readings for children and adults from the Children’s Library, so  # restiamoviciniconlestorie

La Bottega delle Favole has created a collection of its stories, fishing between short and very short ones. Micro audiofiabe by Gianni Rodari long a smile.

The Teatro nel Cerchio brings fairy tales for children to the scene every day.

On the Soundcloud page of the Casa Delle Storie you can instead listen to the “Fairy Tales without a crown” specially created by the Teatro dell’ Orsa in Reggio Emilia: ranging from classics such as The Three Melarance to contemporary tales such as Marco Viale’s The City of Blue Wolves.

Online Entertainment tips in corona

Campsirago Residenza offers an original interactive reading of the Fables on the phone of Gianni Rodari, right on the phone! Interacting on the phone with the actress/actor, the children will play, choose, among the stories that the accountant Bianchi proposes, those who want to listen and will transform Rodari’s tales together through a game inspired by his  Grammar of fantasy. All interested parents can book “Fairy tales on the phone … on the phone!” for their children by calling telephone number to which one of our actresses or actors will call at the set time. Upon receipt, we will contact you to set the day and time of the reading. Each reading will last approximately 20 minutes.



Did you know that it is possible to visit a museum… .without leaving home? many museums, from the Vatican to the  Louvre or the  Guggenheim, offer the possibility of taking virtual tours from their sites. And for space-loving children, online tours can also be made to NASA.


As part of the digital Solidarity program in support of the red areas promoted by the Government. Scienza Express provides activities and experiments to be carried out at home with children and teenagers for children of infancy, elementary and middle school.


Partner Helen Doron organizes entertainment for all ages. Helen Doron online, to spend time at home, in a useful way! CBeebies is a site full of games, cartoons, coloring pages, and ideas for chores.

Starfall is  a site full of games and activities that brings the child closer to learning, reading, writing, producing and understanding the English language in an intuitive and fun way

We also report the Partner Open Minds website which is making videos for elementary school children on many topics including body parts, food, school objects, colors and numbers, seasons, and time.


We suggest the Matika website for training with math exercises for kids and teens. Alternatively also the following Khan Academy


Online Entertainment tips in corona


For those who love animal documentaries we suggest the free formula proposed by Mediaset Play Planet Earth – the wonders of nature,  free documentaries.

Netflix or Prime Video subscriptions are also useful in this period .

Netflix we recommend it for the many films or cartoons available but also the documentaries. In particular those related to the world of animals. Why not take advantage of it and watch a documentary? Netflix is ​​of great help! Everyone can access a one-month free trial.

As for Netflix, we suggest two very beautiful documentaries . One dedicated to the cutest animals on the planet and the other that portrays night scenes under water or frost.

Amazon instead puts at the disposal of residents of the red zone streaming platform to 31 March 2020. Activation is automatic, by accessing Prime Video online or by downloading the Prime Video app on tablets, smart TVs, Ios, or Android phones. (source link ). Many TV shows, films and documentaries for children.