Celtic Will Try To Win Something Outside of Scotland

Celtic is still the most dominant team in the Scottish Premier League, and by winning the title in the 2021/22 season, they currently have eight titles in this format. Even with a great team that doesn’t know how to lose in the league, they are bringing new players to get better results in Europe.

Another great thing about them is the supporters that will follow them anywhere in the world, but even with them, they didn’t have tremendous success outside of the Premier League. But, many are willing to wager at a real money online casino on them this season after bringing a few key players.

Scottish Premier League

For those who don’t know how Scottish PL works, only one team will be going to the Champions League Qualifiers, which means that you need to win the title in order to get to Champions League. This is what Celtic FC was doing in the past ten years, but they didn’t manage to get to the group stage.

In the Champions League, they won the first match but lost in the second qualifying round, which led them to Europa League. It was hard to get out of the group stage because they were facing Bayern Leverkusen and Real Betis. They won a few games, which guaranteed them the third spot and a spot in Europa Conference League.

Even the new European league wasn’t easy enough for them, and they lost in the play-offs. The team has a lot of potential because they are constantly having great games in the league, but they need someone to lead them in Europe.

New Players New Team

There are already two players signed for the team, including Alexandro Bernabei, who plays as a left-back, and they signed goalkeeper Benjamin Siegrist. Some of the players renew their contracts with the team, which is important for them considering that they are very experienced in leading a team.

The club is also searching for midfielders after Nir Bitton and Tom Rogic left the club. One of the potential transfers is Edouard Michut, who is currently playing for PSG, and Aaron Mooy, who plays for Australia.

There are some speculations about Michut, so there is a chance he won’t join the club, but when it comes to 31-year-old Aaron Mooy, he will definitely join the team as a great friend of Postecoglou.

Trying To Sign The Best Young Player In Scotland

One of their goals is to sign the best young player in Scotland’s Premier League named Dylan Reid. He is only 17 but has already made his debut in the Premier League with St Mirren. He plays a midfielder, and many consider him the most talented player in the league, considering his age.

The problem is that there is still room for development, and St Mirren’s managers think that their club is the perfect place for him to get experience. It’s up to him and his family to decide if he is going to leave the club, but as a young player, he is probably looking for the best team possible, which in this case is Celtic FC.

Poor Results Scottish in Cup

Their results in the Scottish League and Cup are the best of any team in history, which is why many didn’t expect their failure in the semi-final. Their rival was Bodo/Glimt, who made some great accomplishments against one of the most well-known teams in the world, Roma.

Roma didn’t have a great season in Italian Seria A, so they ended up in the Conference League against Bodo/Glimt and lost 6:1. This was the game that every Bodo fan will remember but also Roma fans that never expected this. So, you may consider that Celtic was playing against a team that was full of confidence, but that isn’t a great excuse.
If they get all the players that are on their radar, we will have another amazing season. Their goal would definitely be to get to the group stage in the Champions League.