Victoria Delivers Online Casino Customer Support Services To Tackle Gambling Harm

Two of the most tough topics when it comes to problems in the gaming industry is money laundering and gambling harm. This applies to Australian online casinos as well. 

Here is the breakdown, accompanied by some gaming operators, extracted from 7.2% of Australia’s adults are at risk or are already exposed to gambling harm or other problems related to gaming. Moreover, chances are that this trend will continue due to the fact that interactive gambling is on fire among Australians, and some experts believe that by 2023, we will likely witness a 10% rise in customers prone to gambing issues. 

Based on the statistics and feedback from the online casino customer support service Gambler’s Help, the Victoria Government has been pushing for tougher regulations on gaming platforms for some time with the aim of improving pathways for people seeking treatment from gambling harm. As a result, in August 2022, the regulator announced to create a new program designed to deliver personal treatment and online casino support services to Aus players being affected by gaming concerns.

The Focus of the Pilot

Broadly speaking, a new trial program aims to remove all the kinds of barriers that might stop someone from having fun at the best aussie online casinos. It will address some core issues that both online providers and seekers face within gambling addiction. Locals in Ballarat, Australia, will be the first to experience this new tailored approach.

Its vital strategy includes three areas considered crucial in achieving the goal mentioned above:

  • Personalization of the playing experience, which is an essential part of the process of recognizing the risks for AU players.
  • Additional training, which aims to focus on those practicing within the mental health, psychological issues, or drugs sectors.
  • Technology, which can be used for industry-wide integration in other states and territories.

Before operators can offer safer gambling, they need to interact with their customers on a more personalized basis. Even though the proposed strategy may seem like a simple one, it will definitely stress the importance of meeting a trained practitioner, involved in providing wagering services.

New Measures to be Introduced

There are many gambling campaigns across the Australian states focusing on minimizing or reducing harm from gambling golden crown casino. One of them is Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW), which encourages Western Aussie punters to recognize the warning signs of gambling concerns.

With that said, the Victoria Government announced a series of completely new measures to help protect AU consumers from gambling-related problems. Here are the main aspects to be introduced within the launch of the pilot.


Commencing on July 31, 2022, gambling service operators in Australia should provide all their members with monthly activity statements. Also, players can receive the previous month’s statement via request or through their online wagering account.

By using this technology, operators can directly communicate with customers personally and get involved as soon as players show the first indication of risky behaviour. In turn, customers can personalize their experience and can have more control at the same time.

Initial Training Courses

From March 31, 2023, online gambling servers will need to ensure all relevant practitioners complete online casino customer support service for training courses. This applies to employees, directors, contractors, and other personnel involved in decisions that affect the wagering services offered.

Annual Refresher Training

After twelve months of completing the initial training, all covered staff will also be required to take part in annual refresher training courses. Records of these pieces of training should be kept for 7 years minimum, with the Victoria Gambling Casino Control Commission able to request a copy at any time.

Direct Marketing Availability

Finally, starting on 30 June 2023, online gaming platforms should ensure new Aus members create a betting account without being required to accept direct marketing offers or take extra steps to choose not to participate in direct marketing.