How to do Brother Wireless Printer Setup?

Brother Wireless Printer Setup

Are you using brother wireless printer? Do you want to brother wireless printer setup? Do you need any technician help for solving your issue? Are you getting connected your both devices with each other? Are you able to connect the wireless printer with PC or not? If any person wants to take help to solve printer issue then the call on Brother Printer support phone number. Just after the technician will handle the case.

Brother Wireless Printer Setup without CD:

  1. Whenever any person purchases the brother printer so check it first that the USB cable is available in the box along with.
  2. If the person will find the USB cable is there then, extract the cable from the box and plug it that into the computer as well as printer port correctly.
  3. After that, open the computer then, open any internet browser.
  4. Now, visit once the brother printer manufacturer’s website.
  5. After, you have to find the model number whichever your printer has then select that as well as a listing of your printer. Click on download for starting the process of the printer setup file.
  6. If once it will download the entire setup file then it will save in the folder of the download.
  7. After go to on the file and double-clicking on that when that will open then you will see the button of Run when you will see please tap on it for starting the process.
  8. Install the driver of your printer and open the setting page for making some important changes after setting up the file as per your choice.
  9. Attach both devices with each-other (computer and printer).
  10. If once the connection is passing means task completed then after it should be done easily without any trouble.

Steps for Brother Printer Setup

Most of the persons are not known about the way to their brother wireless printer setup about and they get started to take tension as well as getting anger. If you are also not able to connect your printer with a computer or any digital device via wireless connection after using efforts by yourself then. You should follow this guide carefully we hope after, your issue will be solved.

Follow the steps for Brother Printer Setup

  1. Push the button of the menu which will be showing on you on the printer’s head.
  2. When it will open then you have open the option of Network Wizard and have to look out your network name because the window will show you many network names whichever will be come in the range of your Wi-Fi router.
  3. Choose the connection of your Wi-Fi and fill the password as per your choice.
  4. After connected, you will be able to take the print from your brother printer easily.

Ways to connect brother wireless printer with the computer:

Dear users, sometimes, the window will automatically list your printer device. But most of the times it will not and you are the same user and your Brother printer is not listed in the list then. You have to follow the given steps to give a strong connection to both devices.

  1. Press window icon button from your keyboard.
  2. Open the window of control panel and go to the option of hardware and sound then open the option of device and printers.
  3. Now, you will see the option of Add printer on the right side.
  4. Choose the name of which network you want to use (wireless or Bluetooth) whatever after tapping on the next button.
  5. Now, the window will search the Wi-Fi which would be nearby. If your network will come then, you have to choose first.
  6. If your printer is not found in the list first you have to list it then you have to click on the option of adding the printer manually by name or TCP/IP address.
  7. We suggest that if you will add your printer by name to use TCP/IP address that will be fine.
  8. Choose the name whatever you want to keep of your network.
  9. After, tap on the Next button.
  10. Now, you have to fill your printer IP Address then, tap on next button.
  11. If you want to fill your printer IP Address then first login the router of your wireless and searching for a device connected.
  12. Now, check the information that you have filled.
  13. And use this IP Address for making the connection of your printer.

This useful guide will help you to brother printer setup and make sure this all information easy to you while applying.

Brother Printer Customer Support

If unfortunately, the user is not able brother wireless printer setup by yourself then. In that case, the user can make a call on Brother Customer Support Phone Number 1-888-272-9xxx. After calling, the technical person will pick the call and talk with the user. The technician will ask the user about their issue and fix it for you.

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