Braille E Tablets and Sezual Biolocators, Helen Keller Would Be Proud

Let’s say that you own a website like Fairgo casino login, and you want to make sure that you hit all potential customers.

If a person is deaf and the website has audio, you provide transcripts.

If a person is blind,  you make sure that all of your images have descriptions and it can work with an e text reader.

But what if a person is like Helen Keller and is both deaf and blind?  Or they are blind and want to take their website experience (and their experience on your website that is both audio and visually heavy) to the next level?  Welcome to the world of Brailler E Tablets.

Sezual Biolocators

Love the products by the company Sezual (  Hate the name.  Type the word “sezual” in Google and you will get Sezual’s website as the first link on the first page of the search results.  But type in “Sezual” and any any other word, and the company’s actual website cannot be found.

Lesson in how not to advertise a website.

Type in “Sezual” and any location, and of the search results are converted to item related to sexual abuse.

Type in “Sezual” and “braille” and I still could not find the company’s website even though they also create a braille tutor product.

But back to the biolocator.

Do you know how bats, who are blind, “see” where they are going?  A bat uses echolocation.  The bat sends out a sound, and the sound bounces back.  They know there is an object in the way.  If you are interested in a simplified explanation of this device, I would suggest watching the TV Show “Magic School Bus: Going Batty” Episode 17 or Season 2 Episode 4.

From Sezual’s website:

According to data from the World Health Organization globally, there are 285 million visually impaired people of which 39 million are totally blind.

Biolocation is a technique similar to what bats and dolphins use.  Human biolocators navigate using audio cues given off by reflective surfaces in the environment.

Biolocator SEZUAL is an assistive device for blind and visually impaired people to fully navigate in open spaces without external assistance. The device emits a specific high-pulse click reflecting back from the surrounding objects to provide information on their shape, material, and distance to them. Returning echo activates the visual processing area in the brain of the trained echolocator.

SEZUAL device was tested by Mr. Islam Rakhimov (who is blind) and his little son Tamaz, who came to Nazarbayev University to try it.  “With this device, it feels like the walls are showing where they stand. Every type of material reflects in a different manner”.

The device emits a special sound that helps blind people “feel” and navigate the surroundings.  A blind person can feel the distance, size, and structure of objects around them.  It is non-invasive and any blind or visually impaired person can use it.  A blind person can walk and climb up and down stairs without the use of a cane.  With one test subject, she even learned how to ride a kick scooter and she learned how to play sports.  People of all ages can use this device, including small children.

This is the information that the device returns to the user:

  • Object: iron
  • Distance: 2 meters
  • Height: 0.3 meters
  • Length: 2.5 meters
  • Material: concrete, iron
  • Determination Time: 0.2 seconds

The device was describing a low metal fence on a raised concrete divider on the pathway.

Here is another example that involves a moving object:

  • Distance: 17 meters
  • Height: 1.5 meters
  • Length: 0.6 meters
  • Determination Time: 0.2 seconds
  • Material: iron, wooden, concrete, human
  • Object: fast going person

The device was describing a man riding a scooter on top of a concrete bike path.

The device could even detect a human standing still in front of the person.

If you do not think this technology is amazing, watch Sezual’s video about this device ( where it shows the children playing.  Then watch the movie “Helen Keller” where the movie depicts Helen Keller playing as a child or just trying to move around.  Do you think Helen Keller as a child could have ever imagined playing soccer with her friends?

Blitab: Android Tablet with 14 Row Braille Display

This is the first result returned when you type in “braille e tablet”, but it it no longer in production.  The concept was great, but it was just either a raised dot or not a raised dot.  For an early version of this concept, it was great.  But it has been surpassed by other technologies.

I am not going to go through each iteration that has surpassed it in terms of technology.  I am just going to talk about what is there today.

Braille Pad by 4Blind, Inc (Boston, MA USA), 2020

Just look at the one paragraph description and you can easily see why it has blown away the competition.

From Wikipedia: Braille E Book

“This is an 8-inch tablet (contains 3249 tactile pixels) with a built-in camera, which gives access to any graphic images (maps, graphs, etc.), and also allows the user to take photos with instant tactile transmission.”

If you are having trouble envisioning how this device works, just think about a “3D Metal Pin Art Toy”

3D Metal Pin Art Toy

The image is not a flat raised image.  You can feel the contours of the image, because some pins are higher and other pins are lower.  That is how this device works.

Now add on “normal Android features”, for example, a camera.  Even something as simple as a child doing math problems takes on a whole new level.  I had a friend in college.  When he was in college, he could not get a braille version (or a digital version) of his math textbook.

So every day, his friend had to read him the math problems.  If he was going through school today, he would not need that.  He could just take a picture of the page.  The software would scan the text.  It would use standard OCR technology.  It would use language translation, and then spit out the final text as braille (or an image, if that was what the user wanted).

  • Better quality cameras
  • OCR Technology
  • Programs like “Google Lens” keeps translated text in its original location.
  • Text translation programs.
  • Programs to convert images to line drawings.
  • Add in AI technology to add depth to the pins.

The end result is a product that Helen Keller could never have even imagined, even as an adult.


My friend likes to say that “wellsprings of knowledge” are opening.  With every new advancement in technology, there are two paths that can be taken.  In one path is all of the “garbage” that can be created and done with that new technology.  The other path is all of the good that can be done with that technology.  People ask “Is AI good or bad for society overall?” and as with any other “new technology”, it will all depend on