Best Ways to Screen Record on Mobile and Desktop Devices

At some point in life, we can come to the point that we need to capture what is happening on the screen of our device, be it a mobile device or a computer. You may want to show your family member how to use a smartphone or computer program. You may also want to make your device screen recording part of your content to publish online. 

Whatever the reason, you cannot do it without knowledge of how to screen record, depending on what gadget you need to do it on. Most modern gadgets have built-in applications that can be used to make screen recordings. They are easy to use and any user without experience will be able to capture any activity on the screen that they need. 

In some cases, you may want to record the screen not for personal use, but to share your video material with other users or colleagues. In such cases, the features of built-in applications may not be enough, so users prefer to use third-party tools that can offer a huge array of advanced features. 

Multifunctional applications are available both paid and free. Depending on the purpose for which you need such an application, you can find a screen recorder for free use, as well as paid software, online tools, and applications for smartphones. 

We will tell you about the different options on how you can record screen activity on various devices, be it iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac. 

Screen recorders for mobile devices

Options for Android users 

Built-in application 

When you want to quickly record some material from the screen of your smartphone and you do not need advanced editing settings, then the application that is already on your gadget will be enough for you. It’s easy to use because you can access it from Settings or just by swiping it down several times. 

You will see a tool icon that will allow you to record your display, after which you will need to click on it. Once you click on it, you will see the customization options that you need to select before you begin. You can choose the sound you want to record, be it a microphone, the sound of a device, or no sound at all. After that, you only need to press a button to start the process. 

AZ Screen Recorder 

Not wanting to take up space with large apps, you can install this recorder that takes up little space. It is very convenient to use as it is pretty simple even for users without any experience. 

Moreover, it has some editing settings that you can use to improve your clip. If you create a variety of content online, then you should use the best video recording apps so that you do not need to use any editor. 

Options for iOS users 

Built-in application 

Many iPhone users don’t even realize that they have a great tool that can easily help them record what’s happening on the display. You need to go to the settings in the Control Center, where you can add an icon to quickly access the screen-grabbing application. Clicking on it will start recording, and then it will be stored among your photos. 

Record It! 

You will be able to capture everything you want, from using other applications to how you play mobile games. The main feature of this tool is that you can create reactions to other clips as well as your audio comments. In addition, it is filled with basic editing settings. 

Screen record options on computers

Options for Windows users 

Built-in application 

The only downside to the built-in app is that it won’t allow you to edit what you record. Otherwise, it is quite popular among users. Even gamers often use the Xbox Game Bar. Although some users remain dissatisfied with the performance. It can be controlled using specially assigned keys on the keyboard. 

Movavi Screen Recorder 

No matter what kind of clip you want to create, this application is ideal for a PC record screen. A huge number of professionals are happy with it, because it is incredibly easy to use, and pleases with a large set of all kinds of advanced settings. 

Marketers in particular are finding many features that help them create professional-looking clips, including training videos, visual instructions for users, and more. In addition, the program offers to save files in the most commonly used formats, which are suitable for publication on various platforms.

Options for Mac users 

Built-in application 

Apple users can create simple clips of their screens using an app they already have installed. You can try making your first recording using QuickTime. You only need to do a few simple steps – click on File, and then select a new screen capture recording. After that, with one click of the red button, you can create your clip and finish it in the same way. 


Looking for the most powerful application that will help you record what will happen on your monitor, you better consider this tool. It offers a ton of customization options, so you can customize the settings for your recording just the way you want it. 

It allows you to not only select the entire screen or a specific application, but you can use a rectangle to select the desired area to record. Once you start recording, you can pause and change settings at any time if you want to improve something. You can also use the drawing tool right while creating your project. 


Any gadget you use provides you with apps that you don’t need to download to capture your screen. They may be ideal if you need the recordings for personal use. However, if you need to capture the screen for professional or blogging activities, then you are better off using third-party applications. They offer more customization options, as well as advanced settings for editing and sharing your file.