Best Social Media Plugins to Use on WordPress

Do you prefer social media or blogging on WordPress?

Many people try to buy social media accounts because of the great outreach these accounts provide.

Of course, if you want to reach out to as many potential leads as possible, you have been active on both of them.

The question is if you have enough time to spend on both and show a consistent presence on these channels.

If you’re thinking about this matter, you have to know that you can match your SEO techniques on your blog and your social media marketing strategies.

Fortunately, there are many tools for everything, and this is no exception.

You can find many social media plugins for WordPress and take advantage of their features to boost your marketing campaigns.

No matter whether you’re doing Snapchat marketing or video marketing on Instagram Reels, you have to use their capacity to the full.

This is impossible unless you cross-promote your content on social media and your WordPress blog.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of top social media plugins for WordPress.


With over 1 million users, OptinMonster is the greatest WordPress popup plugin available. It assists you in turning away website visitors into email subscribers and followers on social media.

To increase your social media following, you may utilize it to make dynamic popups, floating bars, scroll boxes, or even gamified spin-to-win campaigns. Every social media popup is totally responsive and functional across all platforms.

With the aid of OptinMonster’s chatbot integration for ManyChat, you may expand your company via Facebook Messenger.

Revive Social

Revive Social’s popular plugin can assist direct visitors to your blog’s previous posts.

You may entirely automate the process of scheduling and distributing your older content from your WordPress dashboard with the help of this plugin.

Revive Social saves you time by automatically publishing your outdated information on social media. Any material on your website, including posts, pages, and custom post kinds, may be shared.

The hashtags from the category or tags can be automatically added using the Revive Old Posts plugin. The best thing is that you will be in complete control and that none of this requires that you leave your site.


Mashshare is a fantastic choice if you seek a contemporary social media sharing plugin for WordPress. The social sharing design of this plugin is inspired by Mashable, one of the most popular online newspapers.

Don’t be afraid of increasing the website development cost because this plugin is free. However, it has a lot of customization options and a gorgeous design.

There aren’t many free plugins like Mashshare that provide cutting-edge designs and outstanding functionality you’d find in a commercial plugin.


Social9 is a free social media plugin for WordPress that adds a social sharing widget to your homepage, articles, feeds, content pages, etc. It has a professional appearance.

Additionally, Social9 enables many share button locations. A floating sidebar share button, a popup share button, or an inline share button are all options.


Shareaholic continues to be one of WordPress’s top social sharing plugins, earning hundreds of 5-Star reviews and thousands of active installations.

The Share Buttons are part of the Shareaholic suite of site interaction tools.

Readers may quickly and easily share articles they enjoy with their friends or the online community by using our Share Buttons, which are small and convenient.

The plugin includes share counts that function on more than 20 social media platforms and enables a Google Analytics connection.


One of the finest WordPress SEO plugins, utilized by over 3 million websites, is All in One SEO. It aids in social media optimization in addition to helping you optimize your WordPress website for better SEO rankings.

When someone shares a page from your website on social media, all social media networks rely on metadata to provide the appropriate graphics and information.

You can address your site’s incorrect Facebook thumbnail image issue using AIOSEO, which enables you to define unique thumbnails for social media networks like Facebook.


The finest WordPress giveaway plugin is RafflePress, enabling you to use contests and viral giveaways to increase traffic to your website and your social media following.

It includes a drag-and-drop builder and a ton of pre-built viral templates that can be used to grow your subscriber base, social media following, and website traffic.

RafflePress has seamless integrations with Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Their amazing viral refer-a-friend tool has the potential to accelerate your growth significantly.

You can utilize its features to improve your video views, Instagram followers, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, blog comments, and more.


Over 3 million websites utilize MonsterInsights, which is the greatest WordPress analytics plugin. It lets you set up Google Analytics correctly and view the crucial statistics directly in your WordPress dashboard.

We think that what you can’t measure, you can’t improve. When you know how users access and interact with your website, it is much simpler to boost traffic and sales.

To focus more resources on what works and avoid spending time on what doesn’t, MonsterInsights assists you in determining which social media networks and initiatives are doing the best. It can help you increase conversions, find easy wins, and boost your revenue.


Over 1 million websites utilize the greatest WordPress page builder plugin, SeedProd. You may utilize the drag-and-drop page builder included to make unique landing pages and even whole unique WordPress themes (no coding needed).

The finest feature is the social media integration, which you can utilize to add a link to your Instagram profile’s bio page.

You may utilize SeedProd’s more than 150 pre-made page templates to build bespoke sales pages, webinar landing pages, and pretty much any other kind of landing page you can think of.

To design unique landing pages for social media campaigns, many bloggers and website owners utilize SeedProd.


Another well-known social sharing plugin for WordPress is called Novashare. It enables you to add social sharing buttons to your website without impacting performance or user experience.

You may add share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, WhatsApp, SMS, Reddit, Telegram, Pinterest, and more, thanks to this social media plugin’s integration with all the major social networks.

Final thoughts

Matching WordPress SEO strategies and social media marketing campaigns is a must if you want to reach success. Remember that you have to master the tools to be able to use them to the full and increase your ROI. If you want to reduce costs, go for freemium versions of the tools.