Best Free Software For Gaming PC

After all these years, you’ve successfully built your custom-made PC and are ready to play the recently-released God of War (2018) now. Thrilling times, aye?

But, before you get too excited and press the “play” button, let me stop you right there.

Buying a gaming rig and playing a newly-launched game on it has become pretty sub-par at this point. After all, it’s something almost all of us are doing on a regular basis.

So, what else are you doing to improve your overall gaming experience?

By using a software program or two, of course. In this article, I have explained what you can use to boost your experience. So, keep reading!

Top 6 Best Software For Gaming PC 

As promised, in this section, I’ll talk about a few tools that you can use to know how your system is performing while you’re playing. And you can find most of them on RarBG. So, there’s no need to pay anything at all.

Tool – 1: MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner, in essence, is a free-of-cost utility software program that can help you learn about your computer’s hardware system. With it, you can check your GPU’s fan speed, temperature, clock speed, and frames per second while gaming.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you may also try to overclock your GPU with this tool. However, as it might affect your system, we’ll ask you to be careful about it.

Tool – 2: Steam 

When talking about the best marketplace for gaming, the first platform that comes to mind is Steam. Although it mostly features premium games, it still has the largest library of them all. And the best thing – you can simply purchase a game from here and start playing right away.

In case you’re looking for an alternative to Steam, I’ll ask you to keep an eye on Epic Games. It offers free games every week. But its server can be a little dodgy sometimes.

Tool – 3: Discord 

If you’re playing an online game, such as Fortnite or PubG, communicating with your friends will be essential for you. And this is where Discord can be handy for you. With this app, you can perform voice chat in real-time as long as you have a moderate internet connection.

Besides, even when you’re not playing, you can always create a group with your online members for Discord server and chat about your strategies there. It’s almost like Reddit but more optimized for gaming

Tool – 4: ReShade 

Do you ever see drool-worthy screenshots being shared on social media and think, how did they get such an eye-catching shot? Well, that’s all ReShade’s doing. With the app, you can take a screenshot, customize it, and post-process the same accordingly.

This, in turn, can add extra eye candy to your gaming experience. However, remember, using ReShade isn’t going to be a child’s play. Hence, I’ll suggest you see some tutorials on YouTube or somewhere before getting started with it.

Tool – 5: Razer Cortex

Razer, in essence, is a game booster that can help you optimize your machine and turn it into a monstrous gaming rig. When activated, it can free up your RAM extensively, which, in turn, will ensure that your game is moving smoothly.

Additionally, it can also overclock your GPU and make it work much faster than usual. Thus, you’ll get higher FPS, even while playing a graphics-heavy game like Elden Ring.

Tool – 6: F.Lux 

F.Lux is a free tool that can help in adjusting the brightness of your computer’s display and protecting your eyes automatically. It can be essentially beneficial if you’re a streamer and tend to play more during the nighttime.

Also, the app is relatively tiny, if I’m being honest. Hence, it won’t take too much space or eat up a massive amount of RAM while it’s still active.

The Bottom Line

Whatever I’ve lined up in this article, I’ve personally used them before and, therefore, know how amazing they are. So, I’d ask you to give them a try as well, and let me know how much you liked them. Also, if you have any confusion regarding anything, don’t forget to tell me about it in the comment section below. I’ll definitely help you out.