Average Cost For Front Door Replacement

Front door replacement is a significant investment for many homeowners. Like any major home remodeling project, determining the exact cost is challenging due to various influencing factors. However, focusing on a few key considerations helps develop a reasonable budget and set expectations on pricing.

The average cost to replace an exterior front door falls between $800 on the very low and $3,000 on the high end. Cost depends heavily on the type of door, size, material, energy performance needs, aesthetic quality, and hardware upgrades desired, among other factors. Below is more to help homeowners understand front door replacement costs.

  • Entry Door Types And Related Costs

The most significant drivers of front door replacement costs are the entry door’s design, type, and quality before accounting for removal and installation work. Key choices influencing price include:

Energy-efficient steel or fiberglass doors range from approximately $400 to $3,00, with most quality insulated models between $1,200 and $1,800. Custom ornamental upgrades for decorative metalwork or premium wood laminates tack on costs.

Solid wood doors have a large price range from $500 on the very low end for quality lumber up to $5,000 or more for intricate custom-carved models using exotic hardwoods. $2,000 to $3,500 is typical for high-end wood doors.

Double entry doors suitable for large openings can range from $1,500 for steel and fiberglass models to well over $5,000 for ornamental hardwoods, given significantly more materials.

  • The Size Of The Entryway And Door Matters Too

The size of the existing doorway and the subsequent front door needed to properly fit the entrance has pricing implications. Typical dimensions include:

Standard doors are 30 inches to 36 inches wide and 80 inches tall. However, exact widths vary. Measuring carefully is key, along with factoring trim and framing dimensions.

Going larger or smaller than standard sizing costs more with steel and fiberglass than wood. Custom machining wood doors to non-standard dimensions does not necessarily mean big price jumps.  

Obstructed or irregularly shaped entryways require additional carpentry, custom millwork for the jamb, or modifying framing sap value by necessitating extra labor and materials for proper fit and operation.

  • Demolition And Installation Labor Costs

When budgeting your entry door replacement, tally up not just the door itself but also expectations around removing the old door and fittings plus installing the new components. This process work deepens total exterior doors costs, including:

Basic door tear-out starts around $200 with more complex jamb, framing, or threshold demo $500 or higher, particularly if hazardous waste haul away applies.

Straightforward front door replacement with minor prep work costs roughly $500, but intensive structural work or finishing costs $1,500 or more. 

Factors like access challenges requiring scaffolding/lifts, pouring concrete steps, the complexity of sealing air gaps, integrating smart features, and applying intricate trim impact labor pricing as well.

  • Material Choices Like Wood Type Makes A Difference

For traditional wood doors, picking less expensive lumber helps lower costs. However, opting for durable materials with inherent aesthetic appeal has benefits despite jumping prices. 

Pine is relatively affordable lumber but requires more visual interest for many homeowners and extensive protection from elements.

Mid-range options like oak and maple offer attractive grains at moderate pricing of $2,000 to $3,000 for the whole door.

Exotic hardwoods or intricate custom carving using woods like mahogany will drive prices upwards of $5,000.

  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades Cost But Offers Savings

Increasing energy efficiency requires doors to have more sophisticated sealing and insulating materials, which raises the initial outlay of funds. But over five to ten years, the significant reduction in energy costs usually balances the initial outlay, making the update an economical and ecologically sound long-term solution for efficient and sustainable energy use. 

Multi-point locking steel doors using rigid foam cores and composite jambs start around $1,500, with insulation upgrades adding 10% or more.

Fiberglass models with metal reinforcements and polyurethane foam insulation average around $2,500, with high-performance triple glazing and air sealing features adding roughly $500.

Combining tight engineered framing, weatherstripping, and thicker glass with heat reflective coatings can tack on $800+ to costs for wood doors.