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Automation testing vs Manual testing: which should you choose


One of the first steps to ensuring the quality of the software product is the choice of the testing method used by your web app testing company.

By the extent to which additional software tools are used, testing can be:

Both approaches to software quality assurance can exist within a single project if the business tasks require it. But as a rule, different specialists are responsible for such testing.

Now we are going to talk about all the pros and cons of these two types of testing.

Manual testing 

This type of testing allows the engineer to directly interact with the product and simulate the end user’s actions. And it gives an opportunity to investigate the UX aspects of the product. Manual testing helps to find bugs in business logic and design and provides real user feedback.

The main task of manual testing is to make sure that functionality works when all actions are executed according to a planned scenario. It may seem like manual testing is mindless keystrokes, but that’s an erroneous statement. While a novice in the field is not required to have a deep understanding of QA processes or the ability to write code, the tester has to come up with methods to verify product performance under a variety of conditions.

Manual testing remains the fundamental type of software quality assurance due to its advantages.

Advantages of manual testing:

Disadvantages of manual testing:

Companies often choose manual testing, because it allows them to quickly and accurately conduct the tests. To guarantee the high quality of testing it is better to choose a specialized  manual testing company, than a freelance specialist.

Automated testing

This approach is characterized by the use of specialized software.

An automator writes the scripts that replace manual testing. Testing of a software product is performed automatically according to a pre-written script.

Test automation is widely used when working on complex and multi-component projects that have advanced functionality. 

Advantages of automated testing

Disadvantages of automated testing

Automated testing generally is more expensive, So therefore we go for Manually Testing.

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