How to Install and Uninstall AOL Tech fortress?

Todays’ topic deals with the steps of install and uninstall procedure of the AOL tech fortress. So, first, we will move on the steps to install AOL tech fortress and then followed by the uninstallation procedure.

To install AOL Tech Fortress:

1. Visit the AOL help page.
2. Click the Products category on the left side of the page.
3. Click Tech Fortress – My Benefits.
4. Click Get Started. You will be redirected to the download page. If your download does not start automatically, click Download Now.
5. Next, download has completed, go to the file. The AOL Tech Fortress Install shield Wizard will open.
6. Click Next.
7. Accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
8. Click Install.
9. Once the installation is complete, click Finish. You will be prompted to restart your computer to finalize the installation process. If you wish to restart your computer later, click Cancel, otherwise click OK.

How to Uninstall AOL Tech Fortress?

Uninstall AOL Tech Fortress with Windows Add/Remove Program (for Windows 8, 8.1, 10)

  1. Right-click on the Windows button at the bottom left corner of the desktop.
  2. Click on Programs and Features
  3. Locate AOL Tech Fortress on the list, and then click on Uninstall button
  4. Click Yes to confirm that you want to continue AOL Fortress uninstallation
  5. Follow the wizard to finish the program removal

To completely remove AOL Fortress from your computer and totally eliminate any uninstall errors and another hassle along the way, you still need to delete the related registry entries and unneeded folders of the program from your system.

aol tech fortress

These manual uninstall steps are only recommended when you are comfortable with this process or if you’re a computer technician. It happens that some of the related files and registry entries still remain, leaving a potential risk to your PC. Thus, you get crazy and frustrated.

Uninstall AOL Tech Fortress with its own uninstall process

The same to the use of Add/Remove Programs, the AOL Fortress attached uninstall utility also has the incomplete removing problem. To totally get rid of this program on your PC, the manual deletion is also needed after the removing process. And please remember to restart your computer after cleaning that related registry from the computer.

Uninstall by a third party removal tool

This is a new and more effective way to remove programs on the computer, with the genuine design and ease-of-use interface, a professional removal tool has been a very popular way to get rid of programs on the computer completely and easily. To uninstall AOL Tech Fortress, you also can make use of such a reputable tool like Max Uninstaller to perform the complete removal on your computer:

  1. Install Max Uninstaller on your computer
  2. Choose AOL Tech Fortress on its interface, click on the “Run Analysis
  3. Click ‘Complete Uninstall‘ to activate the complete removing process
  4. Click “Yes” to start the removal
  5. When the standard uninstall process is completed, click this button to delete program leftovers.
  6. Click OK to exist, and restart your computer.

Check and Remove Program Leftovers

aol tech fortress
aol tech fortress

leftover files & folders

Leftover Registry Entries & Keys

Now you’ve opened the Windows Registry Editor, basically, what you need to do now is browsing the editor, find out and delete AOL Tech Fortress – related entries & keys inside. But before doing so, it is recommended to back up the registry data first. As some of you might aware that, deleting a wrong registry item could end up system crash or even worse consequences:

So, these were the installation and uninstallation of the AOL tech fortress.

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