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AOL mail server settings

AOL is the main email service provider in America for online services. AOL also provides a free delivery service of email addresses for an extended period. It gives us a free capacity of mailbox storage. It is full of security and a high-class interface. AOL provides us the proper solution to every problem. AOL is also vulnerable to a technical glitch. We will be discussing some AOL problems and their respective solutions. If the AOL email is not working. Some causes of AOL are many that can trigger issues in our AOL mail account. If we can understand the reason of the problem should occur then we can sort out that. That can affect the functioning of the AOL email account. AOL has settled this error of a different version. Such as iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, and iPhone X. AOL has been delivering free email addresses for a long time. The AOL email subscriber is not used to delete emails.

We have few simple solutions discuss in this article. The “Fix IMAP AOL Com Not Responding” on the device. Delete an email account from our system first by updating our AOL account details. Checking our AOL login details, and then follows the procedure further. The IMAP server not responding to the issue to fix with the solution.

1- We move and again install our Email Account

It is a good solution for not to process is again installing the account. At that time the AOL mail is broken in incoming and outgoing emails So that the problem can occur due to this reason. We again install it and we will automatically correct the settings to fully solve the problem.

· In the iPhone click on the “Settings” option. 

· Next to move down and click on “Accounts and password”.

· Open “Email Account”

· Select the red button and delete the account.

 Then to Re-install the Account, With these Steps.

· Click on the “Settings” option.

· Next to the “Accounts and Passwords” section.

· Next, Click on “Add email.”

· Select the list and sign in to the email account provider.

· Select the AOL email account we will be asked to enter our username and password. Enter all the information of the account and start the working process.

· update the information of the accounts. 

The account can access a message to process the mail server is not responding. First, we correct the account opening settings. If we can give the wrong details for the server we see the message appear for the mistake. We can update our account details correctly. So please ensure “AOL IMAP server not responding” that the server address is “”. The port number is “587” and the configuration should be “SSL”.

2- AOL Login Details

We updating our account details, the IMAP AOL server will not work. We thought that an error in the login could be the same cause. IMAP will not be able to sync when the account login details are incorrect. Examining the AOL account login details will be suggested.

3- Disable Security Programs

Our research has shown that disabling the security programs works. When the mail server is not responding. Security programs can interfere with the functioning of the result. The account will not be able to sync. Disabling the security programs on our device will help us to remove this interference.

4- Configure IMAP Connection

In this section of the blog, we can learn how to configure the IMAP connection. The steps are given below to ensure that the configuration is administered without any error.

· On your device, open the “Settings” or press the “Gear” icon.

· Select “Add account”.

· In the “Add account” window, fill in your email address and password of your AOL email account.

· Now, press the “Login” button.

· Tap the “Settings” icon again.

· Then select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

· Then go to the panel “Mail server input or output”.

· Now, configure the incoming mail server configuring options.

· Next, configure the outgoing mail server configuring options.

· The final step is to tap the “Save changes” button.

When you configure your AOL account on any email application. It must use the incoming and outgoing servers to communicate with the AOL mail servers.

SMTP Mail servers are the only ones used for outgoing communication. There is an IMAP server and pop3 server for the incoming server. When we plan to set up our AOL mail account on the mail app like- outlook, windows mail, etc. They choose the IMAP server for incoming communication because it is quick and works well in low internet speed as well. No doubt, AOL IMAP servers are great to use but sometimes, we may be facing some issues with them. “IMAP AOL com server not responding” failure is one of them. When we open the mail app on our iPhone or computer, we will get a pop-up window that says, “ not responding,” and it will keep asking us to enter the username and password even if we enter the valid login details.

· Open the settings window on iPhone

· Swipe up to reach the mail, contacts & calendar. If we are currently using the recent version, search for the accounts & password.

· Touch the AOL account and go to the password section.

· Update our new AOL login password and press the done button.

· Right after updating the password, we may open the mail app.

· Go to the mail, contacts, and calendars again.

· Tap on our AOL email account and push the delete button.

· Touch OK on the pop-up window.

· Once your account gets deleted, press the add account button.

· Select AOL as your service type.

· Enter your AOL address, password, and other details, and press next.

· Now select your mail services, and press the done button. Finally, our account will be set up we will not face “AOL mail server not responding” anymore. In case AOL mail is not working on the iPhone after reconfiguration. Please recheck the mail settings in the setting of the different devices. There is some setting on iPad, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, and iPhone X. If we have any further queries in this article. Please contact our customer support number. Our technicians will available 24*7 for the service.

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