An In-Depth Review of Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand Gaming Desk

Gamers know the importance of having a great setup and a huge part of that is your gaming desk. Top gamers spend hours perfecting their craft but spending too long sitting in one position can be very hard on the body. From carpal tunnel to the strained neck to back problems, sitting bent over a computer while gaming can cause all kinds of issues. That’s why gaming aficionados have got together with office furniture manufacturers to develop new lines of desks designed specifically for gamers. Today, we are taking a look at the new Alpha Dual Sit Stand Gaming Desk to see how it competes.

Let’s get started:

The Basics:

Adjustable Height: 60-125cm

Lifting Capability: up to 140kg

Lifting speed Speed: 36mm per second

The Dual Gaming Desk manufactured by Australian company Desky allows gamers to adjust the height so that they can sit or stand as they need to. The height is adjustable from 60cm to 125cm providing the ideal height for people of all sizes to sit or stand while gaming. Your posture and seating position are crucial when you are sitting down for an extended period of time and Dusky assures us that the height range of the Dual Gaming Desk is perfect for 95% of users to have perfect posture. The desk can hold up to 140kg of weight and even when the weight is fully loaded, it will adjust from sitting to standing height in less than ten seconds.Table

The Tech:

The adjustable height is powered by two motors which are perfectly concealed in the legs of the desk. These motors are capable of raising as much as 140kg of beer and with only 40db of sound when the motors are running, it is smooth and silent all the way up. The motors are operated with one LED button and you can pre-set up to 4 heights so that the desk is super fast to set up. One of the most important factors to look for when buying any gaming desk is stability, and like all of Desky’s products, the Dual Gaming Desk doesn’t wobble one millimeter. The desk comes with a built-in anti-collision system and high-tech child locks to make sure that there are no unfortunate incidents.

The Build:

While other adjustable standing desks come with the same kind of tech as the Dual Gaming Desk, very few have the same build quality which Desky put into all their products. The Dual Gaming Desk desktop is made from 25mm thick melamine and is available with both a straight edge or a specially designed ergonomic edge developed specifically with gamers in mind. The four telescopic legs are surprisingly thin given the sturdiness of the desk but this is due to the heavy-duty steel feet which keep the whole desk incredibly stable. The extra leg space which this design creates is a massive bonus for what is already a top product.PC with Gaming Table

The Gamer Stuff:

All of Desky’s products are really top of the line but you can see that they have really gone the extra mile to think about what gamers need from an adjustable desk. The Dual Gaming Desk comes with an enclosed cable design so that they stay organized and protected. This is ideal for gamers who always have a lot of tech on their desks. The desk has a built-in USB charging port and single-touch capability.

The Boring Stuff:

The assembly of the Desky Dual Gaming Desk is super simple and we didn’t need any extra tools to do it. The pieces arrived with the holes pre-drilled and so it is just a matter of plugging in the inserts and tightening up some bolts with the hex key which comes in the kit. Desky provides a ten-year warranty with all of their guests which covers the desk as a whole and all of its individual parts. The build quality of the Dual Gaming Desk means that users are unlikely to encounter many problems but it is definitely nice to have the peace of mind which the warranty provides.

Final Score:

There are a lot of great adjustable gaming desks that have recently hit the market, but where the Dusky Dual Gaming Desk really stands out is the quality of the build. The whole frame just feels solid and the option of a straight or ergonomic edge is a nice touch which shows Dusky has really kept the needs of gamers in mind during every stage of the design process. The motors are really top-notch and with the added bonus of 4 adjustable settings, it is hard to find a fault.

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