All Companions you can Befriend in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy claims to stick close to the Harry Potter franchise and will introduce features related to it, such as the Room or Requirements, Magical Creatures, and the use of Spells, Potions, and Herbs. But to enable the game to run smoothly in your console or system, you need to prepare yourself for the system requirements of the game, or else you might encounter problems like Hogwarts Legacy not loading errors.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will also be made to attend classes, and along the way, you can also encounter other students and teachers who will offer you certain quests to complete in the game. The more you progress through the game, the more you will become a familiar face, and ultimately you will find students to befriend. But unlike the books and movies, where Harry’s main friends are from the same House, you can befriend one student from each House in the game. Here we will explore who the new students are, and what they will bring to the story of Hogwarts Legacy. 

There are four students in Hogwarts Legacy who you can befriend for the time being, but once the game is out, there might be a possibility to make more friends. Like it is stated above, you will have one companion from each House, and they will be sent to you as part of the story. You can pick up and complete quests with them, and they will help you progress through the game. Let’s take a look at all the characters you can befriend and add as a companion in Hogwarts Legacy.

Sebastian Sallow

House: Slytherin

Fans of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy video game will already be familiar with the name, especially if you are willing to dabble in the Dark Arts. His role in the game is rumored to supply the character with certain Dark Arts spells. While students from House Slytherin are known to be unfriendly, you can befriend Sebastian and take him along during certain quests. The reason for Sebastian’s knowledge of the Dark Art curses is also shown, in the form of his twin sister Anne, who is suffering from an unknown curse. Now Sebastian’s only duty is to break the curse and set his sister free. 

Poppy Sweeting

House: Hufflepuff

If you need help trying to tame a Magical Beast or trying to encounter these beings in the wild, then befriending Poppy is the way to go. Poppy is more fond of creatures than humans and spends all her time studying them. It is rumored that she can help you out with quests that involve these magical beings, and can help you find and tame them if needed. Having this knowledge is quite handy, especially if you need help completing certain quests out of Hogwarts.

Amit Thakkar

House: Ravenclaw

As Ravenclaw houses the brightest and most intelligent students, Amit is no different. He is most knowledgeable in most of the courses offered at school, and if his nose is not in his books, he would be gazing up at the stars or looking through his telescope to study them. Amit might probably help the character during his classes and might lend a hand while learning about spells and creating potions. He might also offer hints on defeating various enemies with the help of his extensive historic knowledge. If you need a hand trying to scrape through your coursework, you can always count on Amit to have your back. 

Natasi Onai

House: Gryffindor

Natasi is a confirmed companion and has the skills and knowledge to take out enemies in the game. Originally from Africa, Natasi moved to the UK after her mother was appointed the new Divination Professor. She is known to be a fighter and seeks justice in any way she can. She would probably be a handy companion to have during quests if you encounter enemies along the way. 

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10th, 2023, and will be available across all gaming platforms