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Alexa app for windows

Alexa is the echo smart speaker. A digital assistant designed by Amazon which makes our daily life more convenient. We can access in our computer to calendar, to-do list and much other information. It is an echo device that experiences the benefits to command the voice assistant in amazons. We can command Alexa by click on the screen button and saying anything to Alexa in a hand-free mode. Some pop up appears. That we can ask a question, request the information, play music, check the calendar, and some others. We can access it on a laptop or window 10 with a built microphone and the “Alexa app windows”. We can use this app free of cost and download it. Not only that, but we can request personal information such as appointments Amazon Alexa is capable of using voice commands and control actions.

Download Alexa app for window 10 pc”

We can finish installing the app we can open to click on the start button. It is a button in the bottommost left side of the screen with the icon. Then we can select the apps lists. Next, to select the hand-free mode the Alexa will respond to the command. When the app is install in the back-side. We can also open the talk button to change the enabling hand free off and “download the Alexa app in windows10” on our computer.

We can manage our daily schedule by asking Alexa to play music, my calendar, task, and much more. Furthermore, we can ask Alexa to play track music on amazons, install the games like ludo, snack ladder, carom pool, and many more. We can connect Alexa with smart devices by using voice command to switch the lights on and off from the computer. We can do much activity on Alexa, but we cannot make a video call, phone call on Alexa. If you face any issue in the “Alexa app for windows”. Please contact our customer support number. Our technician will guide 24*7 for the service.

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